Managers in Contact Centers are overwhelmed, and they know it. They work; from home, while they drive, and while at the actual workplace.
They are on their cell phones doing e-mails, apps, and God only knows what else. They never take 5 minutes to “Be Quiet.” Oh! NO! They are too busy for that. They think every single thing they do is so important and they expect others to work the same way, so how can they take a break?

• They worry about production,
• Abandonment rates,
• Sales, Customer service, Customer Care
• Net Promotor Scores, and
• Customer Retention

They “think” that if they continue to push themselves very hard, without offending anyone, or hurting anyone’s self-esteem, that those who work for them will “Monkey See, Monkey Do,” then they will succeed in being Happy. At least they HOPE they will.  If only they could figure out ways to get Sat scores Up and Customer Experience locked in?

“Have a Little Tea with JUDY”:
1. If you can work 10-12 hours a day and take work calls at all hours of the day and night – YOU CAN TAKE 10 minutes twice a day to “STOP thinking, thinking, thinking! AND Be Quiet!”
2. Sit down in your office, unplug the phone. (Oh, NO, MR. BILL!) Listen to the air conditioner hum and breathe in and breathe out while saying these words.
3. Breathe IN…Breathe OUT. Do not add or subtract from those 4 words. If you notice your are thinking just gently go back to Breathe IN…Breathe OUT…for 10 minutes.  You will catch on soon.

What you can do in those ten minutes is renew your spirit and rest your mind.  Believe me, this will not be easy to do at first. However, you can get used to it and here is the reward.
• Your decisions for your work and life will be clearer
• Your ability to cope with problems and issues will be easier
• Your time just BEING and doing nothing will allow for you to spend the rest of the time being smarter and wiser than you ever thought possible

All the work and the “DO more” syndrome, along with the “DO it more often” part and especially the “DO IT FASTER and Make things Happen”…you have been conned into this. THIS is not it!
DO LESS, ALLOW more rest. Give your brain and your thought system a break…ten minutes twice a day. I’m just saying. If you want to think big and grow more…TAKE a BREAK!

The DO DO DO syndrome of DO more, DO better, Do different and then MORE of all those Do’s…does not work for Happiness, Clarity, Power, and Peace of Mind.

Integrity means:
The concept behind personal integrity is wholeness. When a person is the same without as within, when what others know about him/her is the same truth he has about himself, he has integrity. To have integrity, you are “WHOLE And COMPLETE And Have All Of The Parts Working In Sync.” You need a clear head, a clear mind, and faith in yourself.

Jacob Glass said: You don’t get what you deserve in life, you get what you think you deserve.” I really love that. You deserve a break from “figuring, scheming, and planning.”

Just ten minutes…really. YOU CAN DO THIS. Do this for a week and you will never again NOT be able to do it whenever you want.
Now that’s a Little TEA with Judy.

Judy McKee