CASH!  WOW!  I love that word, Cash.  I love everything about it.  Like MONEY in the Mail.  Cash In and get your prize today! or Would you like Check or Cash?  I’ll take CASH, Please.

Let’s have a better Consciousness about MONEY.  We have an economy, we have goals, we have sales, we have up-selling and cross-selling, but do we have the Consciousness for Success where money is concerned?

The leadership, the trainers, and the coaches need to have a deep sense of “MONEY is a GOOD thing”. The Price is Right! Trainers and teachers cannot teach what they do not experience.  Words don’t matter much.  Words don’t teach, you have heard me say that before.  Experience teaches. PERIOD.  MIC DROP!  OLD mother’s words about money doesn’t hold up.  Learn this and your agents will be trained in how to give up the old story and apply the new one but IT’S UP TO YOU.  So, what do you believe?  Check yourself first.

Here is why it’s important in the Contact Center.  People are always freaking out over money.  Most of them learned the myths about money from their parents.  Here are a couple of things they heard.

  • Money is short.
  • There is never enough money.
  • Don’t carry cash, you may lose it.
  • Money is the root of all evil. Now that’s just wrong. Maybe the LOVE of it is the root…

How about when you’re in the Contact Center, and your agents must talk about the purchase price, the value, the ticket, or the fee, or even a high-ticket item, a retention agreement, or a subscription?  They have been trained or taught a few rules as well.

  • Don’t talk about money. Make the customer ask for the price. (Lame OLD 50’s idea)
  • Always hedge when speaking about money. (This is tricky, and no one likes it.)
  • Never give the price until you have filled the customer with value. (This simply doesn’t work)
  • I call it talking past what the customer wants and needs to know before he/she can buy.

Let’s set up some new rules about money

  • Always use the name of the customer in any sentence about the money.

o   “Mr. Smith, the fee for that is only $395.00. It starts today if you like. Okay?”

  • Never end on the money. In other words, don’t end on, “That will be $99.00”  Please, NO NO NO

o   “Thanks for asking Judy, the price is just $89.50, and we can deliver overnight if you like.”

  • Always put the money between the feature and the benefit.

o   “Judy, Since the fee is only $395 for the WEBCAST and you can take advantage of having ten different computers online, you can save a lot of training dollars to do the WEBINAR.  Would you like to pick a date today?”

  • Always say this when asked about the price: “The Money is the Best Part.”

o   Don’t be afraid of your price, we live in an economic world.  It’s okay, but be proud of it.

o   The answer to “How much is it?” is “Judy, that’s the best part.  It’s only $395 to train your whole office in How to Talk about MONEY.  It’s so easy to do and you will get your return the first day.  How about it?”

  • Always do the math. People are lazy about counting so make it easy. That’s consciousness.

o   Never use an expression like, “You’ll get 20% off” without doing the math.

o   People hate to do the math.

o   Customers don’t like to look wrong or stupid.

o   It’s easy, it’s more convenient, and it gives the customer a better experience.

o   Say it like this:  ”Since you love the Coupon and want to use it, let me make it even better for you.  You get the sales price of  $120.  Then you discount of 20%, that’s $24 off, so you get the whole thing for the final price of $96.00 and we can even take that in small payments monthly.  Would that work for you?”

That’s my consciousness for today. Find My LAMA TO GO – All About MONEY!  Click HERE!

~Judy McKee

  • I couldn’t help using my WEBINARS as an example…you saw right through that didn’t you?

Be “thinking” You’ve got another think coming!  I promise you do.  Open up to the consciousness.”