Every year at this time, I am always so thankful and, I am reminded as soon as Halloween is over that everyone gets into this wonderful mode of THANKS.  I started my business on November 16, 1979.  I know!  Can you believe it?  I was born on November 26th, and Thanksgiving is always right around my birthday.  This year, I have so much to be thankful for and, I hope some of these “thankful ideas” give you some ideas for yourself.

This year I have had a private group of wonderful people who meet with me weekly to grow our INTENTION levels to higher consciousness.  This has been the most fun!  These people are remarkable, and they are learning and sharing more each week about how they are growing.  This helps us all expand our minds to a higher place of love and understanding.  It hasn’t made anyone thinner, cuter, or have less wrinkles; but it has made us more prosperous and opened our eyes to what we really want.  We set some goals and intentions at the initial session, and have noticed we want more of what we can’t see than more of what we can see.  To me, this is enlightenment.  WE want to love more, the confidence that self-esteem brings to us, ability to communicate with our family, friends, and business associates.  We want continued joy, gratefulness, and appreciation. (It may be corny, but it’s true.)

We have dropped the To-Do lists in favor of “Thinking BIG.”  It’s not an easy task to make a list of those “somebody done somebody wrong” people and say, “Let’s give up holding onto to those hostages.”  Instead, let’s let them off the hook and move on forward.  This is a huge thing.  But we did it!

We are all thankful for our country.  Not because the people in it are all doing the right things, or because we believe in some political belief, but because we have a place in it.  We know we can make a difference by voting into office those who espouse to help each other to grow in kindness and loving attitudes toward those less fortunate.

At last, I am thankful for my age.  This took awhile, but I am glad to be full of life and energy and able to work and play. (My tennis games continues to improve.)

Some people have to make their lives depend on the numbers, the administration, and the execution of paperwork.  I only have to teach others to be successful and skillful at selling and handling the customers.  This is a work life rich in satisfaction.  I love it, and appreciate this career of mine.

I am so thankful for my new digs in Glendale, California, where every day is sunny and I can walk safely around my city to shop, dine out, or do my banking. I mean, I love living right in the heart of the city!  Who knew I would love it so much.  I am thankful for so many new friends, a new church where I can attend services, and a place (condo) high rising over the city where I can see magnificence of offices and towers where people work.  Those people are all working in some way for all of us.  The fast pace of the city is so evident and teaming with traffic.  I have always said “Everything is connected to everything else.”  Boy, I love to be right.  You can see it from my balcony.  We are all connected.

Thank you to all those who hired Sally and me this year, and let us support you in the ways of a strong foundation of “Customer Care” and yes, Love of the Customer, too.  Let’s face it, we find love wherever we can, and Sally and I find it in every classroom.  WE love it!  WE feel it.  I have the joy of working with my daughter every day.  We are partners in every way, and she is a blessing to me every single day.  Am I lucky or what?  I also have the BEST Executive Assistant, Jennie, who fixes all my wrongs and makes me look good under all circumstances and listens to me whenever I need someone to tell my troubles to.  Who doesn’t love that?

Next year we will give the LAMA away to those who are related to our training attendees.  Really “There’s an App for that!”  It will be our privilege to share our LAMA with the world.  Thanks to all of you who asked us for this for the last 30 years.  We finally figured out how to do it and are doing what you want.  Give LAMA to anyone who wants it for their personal relationships.

I am so thankful of course for my family, my children, and my sisters.  They all live nearer to me now.  Escondido was a wonderful life, but this is so wonderful, too.  Being near my whole family is good for me.  Thank you to my friend Aaron Taylor for suggesting I move to Glendale.  He was right.  This is my home town now.  I am also thankful for having come from The Valley (I’m a Valley girl) because I know this area.  I am thankful the streets are still the same, they go EAST, WEST, NORTH and SOUTH.  Which makes it so easy to get everywhere you want to go.  I am thankful for the beautiful view from the top of Mullholland.  The GRID of Los Angeles and the Valley that is in all the movies (LA LA LAND) and I can see it every night if I want to.

I am thankful for learning to SELL.  It meant that I never had to worry about money.  I always thought that if you can sell with integrity, you would never be out of work.  I was right!  I love my job, and teaching others to sell has been a joy for me for nearly 40 years!

I am so Thankful for my sons, Richard and Stephen.  Richard just flies down here (from Seattle) to meet me and take me to a Dodger game…how great is that?  Stephen lives nearby so we are trying to go to all the special places in Los Angeles just for fun.  We went to Griffith Observatory, Angel’s Flight, and Downtown LA Market.  What fun!  Next year we plan to visit the Bradbury Building and that Egg Place too.  If you watch Bosch you know what I mean.

Now that I started writing, I think I could go on for a few more pages, but you know what I am doing…I am saying Thank You to you all.  I love you all whether you are in business with me, my friends, or my family.  Thank you so much for another wonderful Year.

You can do this, too.  It’s really fun once you get started, one thing leads to another.  “Shower the People you Love with Love.”  ~James Taylor

Happy Thanksgiving,