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Don’t Fight Your customers on the Way Out – Part 2

Empowering Your Customers by Asking the Right Question!

Judy and her team continued to work with the agents to help determine the cause of the customers’ rejection. Agents quickly had the answer (as they often do) when they told her that the customers were irritated at being asked why they wanted to cancel. Some customers even said, “It’s none of your business, just cancel.” It is a standard opening question in most call centers, and yet, it undoubtedly puts the customer on the defensive. “Why do you want to close your account?” or “What didn’t you like about the product?” may seem like decent opening questions but really causes the consumer to ‘put up their dukes.’ It was clear that the company had asked the wrong question. But how do we fix it? How do we find out why the customer wants to cancel without asking, “Why”?

The answer is to simply ask them about what caused their consideration, their choice, or what made them choose to opt out. We recommend an opening question like “May I ask what led you to your decision today?” This question gives serious importance to the customer’s right to choose. It empowers the consumer and opens a dialogue that will often reveal clues on the underlying reason for the cancellation. The approach does not just throw money or an offer at the customer. Instead, it acknowledges their choice to choose us.

Judy recently had a wonderful opportunity to work with a company that sold […]

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Don’t Fight Your customers on the Way Out – Part 1

Round 1 – Ready to Fight?

Calling to cancel your membership or return a product? Put your boxing gloves on, it’s time to fight. It can be stressful these days when calling an 800-number to end your subscription or to return a product. As a call center savvy consumer, I know the representative/retention specialist on the other end of the phone is about to do his or her best to convince me to keep the service or product. Here comes the script, here come the offers, and that typical bad question, “Why do you want to cancel your service?” Ultimately, it is my decision, and yet, I am about to face someone over the phone who will attempt to talk me out of it.

Having built and trained world-class call centers over the years, and as customers, Judy and I have both encountered countless examples of how companies actually fight their customers as they are trying to close or cancel an account or return a product. Far too often scripts are written that unintentionally make our customer feel ‘wrong and stupid’, putting them on the defensive and more eager than ever to cancel. It is a challenging task to train your retention representatives to think in a new way, one that makes customers ‘right and smart.’

When did it become wrong for customers to change their minds? When did it become a fight with the consumer when they simply want to say, “No thanks”? Our representatives are really between a rock […]

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ASK Maureen – Coaches Corner – Fix Push Back

Coaches Corner – Maureen Tzouris PCA Coach Speaks Volumes

Branding Issues and offer-3Agents Push Back!

Dear Maureen, Our company recently went through a corporate restructuring and have installed new compliance requirements. We are now requiring all the agents to brand the company at the end of their calls and this is receiving some push back from the agents. Do you have any suggestions?  ~We-love-our-brand

Thank you so much for your question! This scenario is actually quite common and is experienced by many managers and coaches. First, I would suggest setting some clear expectations so that all agents understand what is being asked of them. Secondly, I would suggest holding small breakout training sessions to include some suggestions on what and how exactly the agent can say to close every call with the branding, perhaps to include role playing. And, lastly– I would recommend sharing this information from the ‘three party promise’ perspective–this is where the company, the customer, and the agent all WIN!

I would explain that:

1) the company would like to brand the close because they are confident that their customers have all been completely satisfied during the call and want to extend and build upon the good faith practices.

2) The customer or member will feel confident that the agent cares about all of their concerns and questions and was handled professionally! (We’re in this together!)

3). The agent can take pride in themselves because they will sound much more professional, well […]

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Would you rather read a romance novel or make love?

Do you not separate the menu from the meal? Do you know the difference between: What is right? and What Works? Understanding the difference between a gain and a loss can be vital to your training program.

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Basics of Customer Service & Telephone Etiquette

It’s all about TONE!
Learn the Reasons for Posture, Procedures, Rules and Manners.

Make the HOLD button work for you.

When is it cool to say, “Cool.”
Why “tonal” questions don’t work and how to speak Customer Common Sense.
Communicate with LAMA Technique.

New hires and veteran agents may attend, It’s as refreshing as it is a “refresher.”

Basics are never boring… We make this common sense course FUN and Inspiring.

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Handling the Upset Customers and Difficult People

Handling Difficult Customers
Is he crazy or is he right?

Do your CRS’s fear customer problems and issues? Or, Do your they embrace the challenge of handling a difficult customer?

Learn THREE ways to communicate the Good News.

Learn 5 ways to communicate the bad news. Make it REAL!

Give your agents the tools they need to succeed.

Handling the Upset Customers and Difficult People2021-03-11T22:17:10+00:00

Customer Service Center as a Profit Center

Customer Service Centers are Profit Centers

Help your agents to give up the fear of talking to the customer about new products and services.

Increase your profits on every call with an add-on sale by up-selling or cross selling.

Customer Service Agents can learn buying signals and offer new products easily with the LAMA technique.

Turn Your Contact Center into a Profit Center Today

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Customer Service Relationship Training

Exceptional Service NO Exceptions!
Rules of Engagement

Customer Service is about People!

CSR’s will learn to offer service and solutions with Principles and Kindness

CSR’s will Learn to:
Control the Path of the CALL and the Conversation, make the call shorter and still keep the relationship with the customer?

Take this training home, It works there too!

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Inbound Sales and Retention Training

Save the Sale Retain the Customer for Life!

Substitute solutions for Cancellations!

Learn the L-A-M-A technique, Save the Sale, and Save the Customer for life!

With Retention, everybody has to WIN. The Customer, The Company, and the Sales Rep.
This is how…

Nobody buys a Value Proposition…They buy Happiness!

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