EASY to LEARN Techniques

These techniques will engage the customer and provide your team with the tools needed to
discover the REAL reason for a cancellation or a closure.

Finally, a Soft Skills Sales training for Inbound Sales and Retention
Your Staff will be able to learn and use the proven LAMA Technique and
START to Bring the Customer back without doubt or fear to:

• Find out the reason for closure
• Engage the customer
• Offer Incentives
• Handle a Cancellation

Master “never making the customers feel wrong or stupid” and Re-Sell the Product or Service

Instead of pushy sales pitches
Resell the Value in the first place!
Don’t just throw money . . .
This is it.
Agents LOVE it!
Management Gets Results!
It Works!

All courses are customized and include training workbooks and one-on-one coaching using
The Positive Coach Approach method.

We will customize this course to the situations you have exactly.
Let us give you a program that will be accepted by your Customers, used by your Agents, and
retain your Customers for Life.