“Thank you for helping my team succeed This year. My business finished a record year with 31% growth year-over-year. This has never been done in the history of the training materials business. Our success towards the end of the year had a direct correlation with your training coaching. Thank you for an outstanding program and being a part of our success.”
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The Three-Party Promise for a Three-Way Win!

For over 30 years, LAMA© has been a fun, interactive, experiential training that we have successfully shared with management to handle mission-critical conversations:

  • Counseling and Conflict
  • Feedback and Initiatives up and down the chain of command
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Lateral and interdepartmental management conversations

When those conversations are handled skillfully, then management will:

  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increase employee satisfaction and self-esteem
  • Achieve immediate and long-term results

LAMA is a way to manage and guide conversation purposefully.  It will allow you to control every conversation so that everyone will WIN—The Customer, The Agent and The Company.

Leverage the LAMA technique to master these areas:

Management Training For a Three-Way Win
There are really three parties in any conversation:  The Customer, The Agent and The Company.  Any decision that is being discussed has to work for all three more…


Train The Trainer / Custom Licensed Training

LAMA Training can be licensed and customized for the unique needs of your organization.  We can Train Your Trainers on Management Training