“I felt at ease with this training. I picked up valuable techniques. The pace of the class was perfect. I left feeling like I could do this!”
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Save the Sale and Retain a Loyal Customer for Life!

Customer Retention is a sales job, but Customer Service doesn’t like to sell.  LAMA is a fun, interactive, soft skills training to:

  • Deliver double-digit growth in retention KPIs
  • Discover the real reasons for cancellation
  • Find out how to win the customer back
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

LAMA is a way to manage and guide conversation purposefully.  It will allow you to control every conversation without being pushy, greedy, urgent, or tricky.  With LAMA, everybody will WIN—The Customer, The Company, and the Customer Service Rep.

A subscription people search service called Spokeo moved from a 30% retention rate to 62%—and new hires are up to 80% with this training!

Easy to Learn Retention Techniques that Really Work!

The secret to Customer Retention is simple:  Never make the customer wrong or stupid for cancelling.  Make them right and smart to do business with your company.  That is a hard sales job – and you’re giving it to the customer service rep who has never been trained in sales!

Our Customer Retention Training will provide your team with the techniques and skills needed to:

  • Quickly engage the customer
  • Help the customer remember the reasons for the original purchase
  • Discover the real reasons for cancellation
  • Match incentive offers to the original reasons for purchase
  • Learn conversational skills to change the subject
  • Learn how to solve the problem and use fall-back options

Instead using of pushy sales pitches, representatives resell the value that won the sale in the first place!  Reps feel more comfortable.  They learn how to handle upset people with ease and grace.  They learn how to save the sale and handle cancellations.  And they understand why and how to never take it personally.

Customized to Your Needs and Situations

All courses are customized and include training workbooks as well as one-on-one coaching using The Positive Coach Approach method.  We will customize your Retention Training to the exact situations your team faces every day.  Let us give you a program that will be loved by your agents, embraced by your customers… and will help you gain loyal customers for life!


Train The Trainer / Custom Licensed Training

All LAMA Training can be licensed and customized for the unique needs of your organization.  We can Train Your Trainers on:  Sales Training, Coach Training, Retention Training, Customer Service Training and Management Training.