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Our Clients Love the Double-Digit Results We Deliver!

For over 30 years, McKee Consulting has been delivering call and contact center LAMA training to client teams with amazing results, including:

  • Double-digit growth in KPIs
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increased customer retention with reduced complaints
  • Increased employee satisfaction with reduced turn-over

Here are the answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Do You Do Role-Playing in Your Training Program?2015-02-13T07:36:44+00:00

Yes!  We believe very strongly in skills practice and role-playing.  We teach skillful application of the LAMA Technique for Sales, Retention, Customer Service, Collection and Coaching.  This conversational communication technique takes practice.  It takes role-playing and interaction with the trainer. We make it “safe” to learn the LAMA Technique and assist trainees to learn without making them “feel” wrong or stupid.  No one does role-playing more successfully than we do. It’s very fun and practical!

Do You Work with Small to Mid-Size Businesses?2021-03-11T22:17:10+00:00

Yes, we certainly do.  We are easily able to take the best practices from our large corporate clients and translate those into extraordinary results for small to mid-size businesses.  We consult with small to mid size companies across the country, and support them on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Do You Review Our Scripts and Guides? If So, What Do You Charge?2021-03-11T22:17:10+00:00

We often review the scripts and guidelines used by our clients.  We will make recommendations for changes when they are needed.  The review and recommendations are free.  And we never charge a fee for writing scripts when we do the LAMA Training.

In order to guarantee double-digit growth in KPIs, we must train the trainers, agents and/or supervisors on scripts and guides that are based on the LAMA Technique.

Do You Come to Our Office to Consult Before You Customize a Training Course?2021-03-11T22:17:10+00:00

Yes we do, depending on the scope of the project.  For smaller projects, it may not be required and we have a very cost-effective way of doing this.  For larger projects, we are happy to come to your office.

As part of the preparation for customized training, we often have our clients supply us with recordings of their agents on a variety of calls.  We will evaluate the calls, offer suggestions to enhance key interactions and provide a content outline for the first LAMA© Training course.

Can You Monitor Calls Remotely?2021-03-11T22:17:10+00:00

We now offer a service that we call Remote Coaching.  We believe in finding out what doesn’t work and fixing it.  We also believe in coaching people until they start self-correcting.  We always separate compliance from skill, in other words we separate “what an agent says” from “how an agent says it”.

We do not simply monitor calls for Quality or act as Secret Shoppers.  We prefer coaching for skill as a follow up to the training.  Since all our training is based on the clients’ calls, remote coaching is a money saving way to provide feedback and an opportunity for agents to improve.

How Are the Fees for Your Training Classes Structured?2021-03-11T22:17:10+00:00

All of our training classes are custom designed based on our clients’ needs.  Our goal is to provide effective, professional training that yields measurable results at an affordable cost.

We provide a preferred client rate when we have a contract for at least six days per year.  In other words, depending on how many days are booked in one calendar year, we are negotiable.  Please contact us for a FREE consultation regarding your training needs at 760-738-8200.

What Type of Training Aids, Workbooks and Training Manuals Do You Offer?2021-03-11T22:17:10+00:00

Tele-Sales Training
We have workbooks for every training course.  We also have training manuals, slides and workbooks for the Train-the-Trainer Course.  We have LAMA Training Aids, which will be given out at the time the LAMA Training Programs are conducted.

We have on-going support for 30 days for all Supervisors and Coaches. Every company will receive our High Five Coach Approach Forms at the time of the training. This course also has a Facilitator’s Guide, Workbook and Monitoring Forms.

Additional Training Aids
We now have posters and other printed training aids available for purchase. You can have official LAMA posters, laminated cards, and even a stuffed Llama for your desk or office.  Visit our online store for details.

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