“After your Positive Coach Approach Certification Training, I do feel confident that the Supervisors and Team Leaders can keep the momentum going that we’ve gained over the past 2 years with your Training and On-Going Coaching. If it’s okay with you, may we may reach out to you sometime in the near future for assistance with some of our scripts. I think we have a real opportunity to LAMATIZE some of them!”
High Point New Jersey




The Positive Coach Approach Training Course
Put the Coaching Skills In and Take the Fear Out!

Hitting the ball out of the ballpark requires coaching.  It’s not enough to simply train your staff.  It’s vital to coach every agent in order to:

  • Deliver double-digit growth in KPIs
  • Provide immediate and long-term results
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increase employee satisfaction and self-esteem

Our Coach Training increases the quality of calls with LAMA techniques… and replaces negativity and constructive criticism with Positive Coaching.  When people get coached with the Positive Coach Approach, they aren’t afraid.  They’re safe and now have the chance to change and grow in a comfortable way, instead of through fear.

Agents love being coached this way!  Managers love coaching this way!  Customers are happy and The Company gets results!

A Three-Day Course with Two Options:

Coach Training Only or Training & Certification

This course provides Positive Coaching Skills to Managers, Supervisors, Owners and Team Leaders.  Usually the people doing the coaching are one level up from agents and were recently in that position.  They are the most important and yet the least trained people.  This training helps leaders and managers at any level bridge that gap.

The Coach Training includes two days of on-site training and one day of certification testing. It’s designed to ensure amazing performance by newly hired agents or veterans.  Major benefits include:

  • Less Job Pressure
  • More Self-Confidence
  • More Job Satisfaction
  • Less Turn Over

This program is remarkable in its strong foundation and never fails to deliver on its promise to build people’s skills!

Customized to Your Needs and Situations

All courses are customized and include training workbooks as well as one-on-one coaching using The Positive Coach Approach method.  We will customize your Coach Training to the exact situations your team faces every day.  Let us give you a program that will be loved by your agents, embraced by your customers… and will help you gain loyal customers for life


Train The Trainer / Custom Licensed Training

All LAMA Training can be licensed and customized for the unique needs of your organization.  We can Train Your Trainers on:  Sales Training, Coach Training, Retention Training, Customer Service Training and Management Training.