What Our Clients Are Saying About LAMA Training & Coaching

Up-Selling / Cross-Selling
“Our cross sales for January were amazing – they all had a huge increase in their totals!  Many of them doubled their totals from previous months.  Now we just need to keep the momentum going.

Thanks for the lollypops!  I am going to use them as treats when I hear a great cross sale offer and in our Friday meeting.  The reps will love it!”
– Godiva Chocolatier

Training Customer Service To Sell
“I felt at ease with this training.  I picked up valuable techniques.  McKee Consulting was also more than willing to hear other people’s point of view.  I left feeling I could do this!  The presentation was excellently paced, extremely organized and always demonstrated to be relevant.  The role playing exercises were the most effective.”
– Modern Postcard


In-Bound Sales Training
“Judy and Sally have years of experience in telephone sales training and a great list of clients.  Judy has written books and delivered presentations at the DMA and ATA / PACE shows and more.  I’ve used Judy and Sally several times in the past. When the call center management truly embraces these techniques by coaching agents, I have had great results!”


Behavioral Style Sales Training
“We are committed to our “LAMA” technique and are working on perfecting it each and every day!  Sally is going to work on a proposal that we discussed for some coaching time for myself and possibly some of the other managers and also time to be spent profiling personalities doing the DISC method that we had discussed in both yours and Sally’s visit.”
– Nautilus Sales

Coach Training and On-Going Coaching
“After your Positive Coach Approach Certification Training, I do feel confident that the Supervisors and Team Leaders can keep the momentum going that we’ve gained over the past 2 years with your Training and On-Going Coaching.  If it’s okay with you, may we may reach out to you sometime in the near future for assistance with some of our scripts.  I think we have a real opportunity to LAMATIZE some of them!”
– High Point New Jersey


Coach Training
“I felt at ease with this training.  I picked up valuable techniques.  The pace of the class was perfect. I left feeling like I could do this!”
– Intercontinental Hotel Group


Customer Care and Coach Training
“The Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business (SOCAP International) with its STAR Awards honored the Director of Customer Care, Aaron Taylor, for his Customer Contact and Care.  Aaron said it was almost all due to the LAMA Technique and the Positive Coaching brought to them by McKee Consulting.  His team loved the training and his managers started reporting huge successes in both Service Stats and increase in revenues.”


Customer Care & Etiquette and Coach Training
“I wanted to thank you formally for providing us with the tools to improve our coaching and our customer service department. The skills and techniques you taught were well received. It’s my turn to acknowledge you!  You and LAMA were a huge success. This group is pretty savvy and has high standards, you should feel very good.”
– Modern Postcard

Handling Upset Customers
“I can’t remember when I have enjoyed learning something new so much! It was an enlightening experience and so much FUN!  And you are absolutely right… it is simple but it isn’t always easy. Thanks again!”
– CUNA Mutual

Management Training and Coach Training
“Thank you for helping my team succeed This year.  My business finished a record year with 31% growth year-over-year.  This has never been done in the history of the training materials business.  Our success towards the end of the year had a direct correlation with your LAMA training and Positive coaching.  Thank you for an outstanding program and being a part of our success.”
– Dupont Training


Optional Custom Lunch & Learns
“The presentation was excellently paced, extremely organized and always demonstrated to be relevant.”
– Airgas Safety