“Our cross sales for January were amazing – they all had a huge increase in their totals! Many of them doubled their totals from previous months. Now we just need to keep the momentum going.”
Godiva Chocolatier
“I felt at ease with this training. I picked up valuable techniques. McKee Consulting was also more than willing to hear other people’s point of view. I left feeling I could do this! The presentation was excellently paced, extremely organized and always demonstrated to be relevant. The role playing exercises were the most effective.”
Modern Postcard
“After your Positive Coach Approach Certification Training, I do feel confident that the Supervisors and Team Leaders can keep the momentum going that we’ve gained over the past 2 years with your Training and On-Going Coaching. If it’s okay with you, may we may reach out to you sometime in the near future for assistance with some of our scripts. I think we have a real opportunity to LAMATIZE some of them!”
High Point New Jersey
“I can’t remember when I have enjoyed learning something new so much! It was an enlightening experience and so much FUN! And you are absolutely right… it is simple but it isn’t always easy. Thanks again!”
CUNA Mutual
“Thank you for helping my team succeed This year. My business finished a record year with 31% growth year-over-year. This has never been done in the history of the training materials business. Our success towards the end of the year had a direct correlation with your LAMA training and Positive coaching. Thank you for an outstanding program and being a part of our success.”
Dupont Training



Save Time + Money and Get Consistent, Long-Term Results!

All LAMA Training can be licensed and customized for the unique needs of your organization.  When you leverage your trainers to train your employees on LAMA, training costs go down 30% to 70%, depending on the size of your organization.  You’ll save time and money, get more consistency throughout your organization and achieve repeatable results.

We can Train Your Trainers on

  • Sales Training
    – In-Bound Sales
    – Up-Selling / Cross-Selling
    – Training Customer Service to Sell
    – Out-Bound B2B Sales
    – Behavioral Style Selling
    – On-Going Sales Coaching
  • Retention
  • Coaching
    – The Positive Coach Approach
  • Customer Service
    – Customer Service & Etiquette
    – Handling Upset Customers
    – Training Customer Service to Sell
  • Management/3-Party Promise

Intensive Training and Certification on LAMA

During each intensive training and certification, we will train and test on philosophy, technique and “front of the room” skills.  This experiential and technical LAMA training will enhance your trainers’ overall training skills and take them from new trainers or good facilitators to master trainers.

Customized back-up materials are included in any Licensed Training.  These materials are tailored to the situations your people face every day and include manuals, presentations, trainer guides, student workbooks and hand-outs… as well as on-going support and consulting.

Terms of Licensing, with Scalable Pricing and Pilot Programs

The terms for LAMA Training Licenses are flexible.  Pricing is scalable, depending on the size of the group(s) to be trained.  Generally, we start with a small Pilot Training Program, then determine where we go from there. We will work with you to build a guaranteed, consistent training program for your entire organization.