“After your Positive Coach Approach Certification Training, I do feel confident that the Supervisors and Team Leaders can keep the momentum going that we’ve gained over the past 2 years with your Training and On-Going Coaching.”
High Point New Jersey




The Best Way to Assure Long-Lasting and Continually Improving Results!

After LAMA training, On-Going Coaching is the best way to assure long-term success and constant improvement in results.  We offer our On-Going Coaching in a variety of formats and timeframes:

  • In Person with teams
  • Remote via telephone or web – teams or one-on-one
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • On your schedule

We are happy to provide On-Going Coaching for any LAMA Training (Sales, Retention, or Customer Service) that you have purchased and implemented with your team(s).  The purpose of the On-Going Coaching is to help your team be better at their jobs, increase productivity and give fresh objective feedback.  Our On-Going Coaching can often take a significant burden off of management to achieve continuing improvement of KPIs.

Spokeo – Save $2 Million with On-Going Coaching

We provided the LAMA Training with On-Going Retention Coaching to Spokeo. We started implementing and measuring at a 38% Retention Rate. After sixteen weeks, they are now averaging at a 60% Retention Rate and still continuing to improve. This 57% increase in performance results in $1.34 million dollars saved.

Customer Care Center becomes a profit center. The average cost per call is $5.70 and the average dollar protected is $15.69. Now the Customer Care Center pays for itself. Now your Customer Care can be a profit center—not a cost center. (See Case Study)

How On-Going Coaching Works

On-Going Coaching provides objective reports on each member of the team.  We document each team member we talk to and what we cover, as well as insights and recommendations.  We meet with the Manager afterwards, to review coaching recommendations between our visits.

On-Going Coaching uses the Positive Coach Approach and takes the burden off the leads, managers and executive team.  It really helps them deliver consistent and continually improving results.