Basics of Customer Service and Telephone Etiquette

WE GOT GAME in Rules of Engagement!
Basics of Customer Service and Telephone Etiquette

Is “tone” of voice subjective? Is tone of voice an inside job? Everything from tone to toes…is in this class. If it’s etiquette, we make it fun to learn. When it comes to posture and voice skills, this is the place. Ever hear the rule “Dress straight and ACT WEIRD!” – Never “Dress Weird and Act Straight!” When it comes to telephone skills, phone coaching is our game for sure.

Rules are the way we play the game. Follow the rules and you cannot fail to succeed in having a great experience on the telephone. Learn the Five Basic Rules of Engagement. It’s like baseball, 1st, 2nd, 3rd base, home! If you skip 2nd base- YOU ARE OUT! – Here is the first of five rules: “Always give the customers the information they need to make a decision.”

This course will train your agents to use the LAMA technique to:
• Control the Path of the Call
• Retain the customer’s good loyalty and relationship
• Advance the call with questions that make the customer smart and right!
• Know when to hold ‘em and fold ‘em.
• Give the 10 benefits to doing business with you.
• And the usual – transferring calls, the hold button, please and thank you.

The hardest people to teach are the ones that “Know it all.” Or “I have been here for 20 years… and back in the day…”
We know how to handle them
Fun, joy, and a new way of talking that will keep your customers for life!
We will create a “safe environment for all” and show the reps how to do the same for your customer.

All courses are customized and include training workbooks and one-on-one coaching using
The Positive Coach Approach method.

We will customize this course to the situations you have exactly.
Let us give you a program that will be accepted by your Customers, used by your Agents, and
retain your Customers for Life.