“Your CALL is IMPORTANT to US!” No Kidding!
Maximize Key Elements of Customer Care
Learn what to say and how to say it.

A relationship is understanding and engaging in the needs, wants, joys and sorrows of another. It’s not a trick or an entanglement. It may require sympathy and empathy. Learn here how to give those emotions back your customer.

In this course your staff can learn to care for your customer in a whole new way.
The LAMA technique methodology and attitudes will stay with your agents forever.
Agents will:
• Be Confident and Kind
• Show Pride in your company
• Make the customer “Feel right” to do business with you
• The Four Steps to Call Path control
• Your Agents will cut call time and save relationships.
• Save money with the LAMA technique

Use this course to train your agents or your trainers in the LAMA Technique
Making a difference in Contact Center Communication skills is what works!

Communication is a matter of INTENTION.
“Never Make the Customer Feel Wrong or Stupid!”
We will show you how. . .

In one day your agents will have the tools to retain your customer’s loyalty
As well as service the customer’s needs.

All courses are customized and include training workbooks and one-on-one coaching using
The Positive Coach Approach method.

We will customize this course to the situations you have exactly.
Let us give you a program that will be accepted by your Customers, used by your Agents, and
retain your Customers for Life.