Christmas, Didn’t you get the memo

Aaron Sorkin wrote that line for WESTWING and I will never forget it.

I love this time of year.  It causes everyone to take at least a minute to STOP and THINK. 

Questions like:

  • Am I getting too old?
  • Am I going too fast?
  • Am I working too hard?
  • Am I trying to scheme to get the next gig?
  • Am I really living in the now moment?

“I have come to believe in so many strange things over the years.  I have had many ‘wow’ experiences, and because of that, I have very little reason to doubt that there is truth about things that are beyond what I can see or predict.” 

Intention and a vision in a future, you cannot see, is where the fun is.  The past has its moments, and sometimes they are really great. But that is not a reason to look back all the time. Looking through the rearview mirror causes you to bump into things.  The only thing the past can do, is to help you make a prediction based on old facts.  But what about the things you didn’t predict?

Imagination is funny.  It allows you to dream of things that have not yet happened.  I like that.  I can put a lot of faith in that.  Experience is all that teaches…words never teach. Let’s have a New Year of Intention, Consciousness, and Vision.  That is what I wish for you all.  Mark my words, and you will see that 2019 will be FANTASTIC when you commit to the Imagination. 

This will be a year of things you thought could never happen, things you doubted, things you were limited to because of some statistic.  Instead, let your imagination run wild.  Happy Holidays.

Judy McKee

Thanksgiving – My Favorite Holiday of all!

Every year at this time, I am always so thankful and, I am reminded as soon as Halloween is over that everyone gets into this wonderful mode of THANKS.  I started my business on November 16, 1979.  I know!  Can you believe it?  I was born on November 26th, and Thanksgiving is always right around my birthday.  This year, I have so much to be thankful for and, I hope some of these “thankful ideas” give you some ideas for yourself.

This year I have had a private group of wonderful people who meet with me weekly to grow our INTENTION levels to higher consciousness.  This has been the most fun!  These people are remarkable, and they are learning and sharing more each week about how they are growing.  This helps us all expand our minds to a higher place of love and understanding.  It hasn’t made anyone thinner, cuter, or have less wrinkles; but it has made us more prosperous and opened our eyes to what we really want.  We set some goals and intentions at the initial session, and have noticed we want more of what we can’t see than more of what we can see.  To me, this is enlightenment.  WE want to love more, the confidence that self-esteem brings to us, ability to communicate with our family, friends, and business associates.  We want continued joy, gratefulness, and appreciation. (It may be corny, but it’s true.)

We have dropped the To-Do lists in favor of “Thinking BIG.”  It’s not an easy task to make a list of those “somebody done somebody wrong” people and say, “Let’s give up holding onto to those hostages.”  Instead, let’s let them off the hook and move on forward.  This is a huge thing.  But we did it!

We are all thankful for our country.  Not because the people in it are all doing the right things, or because we believe in some political belief, but because we have a place in it.  We know we can make a difference by voting into office those who espouse to help each other to grow in kindness and loving attitudes toward those less fortunate.

At last, I am thankful for my age.  This took awhile, but I am glad to be full of life and energy and able to work and play. (My tennis games continues to improve.)

Some people have to make their lives depend on the numbers, the administration, and the execution of paperwork.  I only have to teach others to be successful and skillful at selling and handling the customers.  This is a work life rich in satisfaction.  I love it, and appreciate this career of mine.

I am so thankful for my new digs in Glendale, California, where every day is sunny and I can walk safely around my city to shop, dine out, or do my banking. I mean, I love living right in the heart of the city!  Who knew I would love it so much.  I am thankful for so many new friends, a new church where I can attend services, and a place (condo) high rising over the city where I can see magnificence of offices and towers where people work.  Those people are all working in some way for all of us.  The fast pace of the city is so evident and teaming with traffic.  I have always said “Everything is connected to everything else.”  Boy, I love to be right.  You can see it from my balcony.  We are all connected.

Thank you to all those who hired Sally and me this year, and let us support you in the ways of a strong foundation of “Customer Care” and yes, Love of the Customer, too.  Let’s face it, we find love wherever we can, and Sally and I find it in every classroom.  WE love it!  WE feel it.  I have the joy of working with my daughter every day.  We are partners in every way, and she is a blessing to me every single day.  Am I lucky or what?  I also have the BEST Executive Assistant, Jennie, who fixes all my wrongs and makes me look good under all circumstances and listens to me whenever I need someone to tell my troubles to.  Who doesn’t love that?

Next year we will give the LAMA away to those who are related to our training attendees.  Really “There’s an App for that!”  It will be our privilege to share our LAMA with the world.  Thanks to all of you who asked us for this for the last 30 years.  We finally figured out how to do it and are doing what you want.  Give LAMA to anyone who wants it for their personal relationships.

I am so thankful of course for my family, my children, and my sisters.  They all live nearer to me now.  Escondido was a wonderful life, but this is so wonderful, too.  Being near my whole family is good for me.  Thank you to my friend Aaron Taylor for suggesting I move to Glendale.  He was right.  This is my home town now.  I am also thankful for having come from The Valley (I’m a Valley girl) because I know this area.  I am thankful the streets are still the same, they go EAST, WEST, NORTH and SOUTH.  Which makes it so easy to get everywhere you want to go.  I am thankful for the beautiful view from the top of Mullholland.  The GRID of Los Angeles and the Valley that is in all the movies (LA LA LAND) and I can see it every night if I want to.

I am thankful for learning to SELL.  It meant that I never had to worry about money.  I always thought that if you can sell with integrity, you would never be out of work.  I was right!  I love my job, and teaching others to sell has been a joy for me for nearly 40 years!

I am so Thankful for my sons, Richard and Stephen.  Richard just flies down here (from Seattle) to meet me and take me to a Dodger game…how great is that?  Stephen lives nearby so we are trying to go to all the special places in Los Angeles just for fun.  We went to Griffith Observatory, Angel’s Flight, and Downtown LA Market.  What fun!  Next year we plan to visit the Bradbury Building and that Egg Place too.  If you watch Bosch you know what I mean.

Now that I started writing, I think I could go on for a few more pages, but you know what I am doing…I am saying Thank You to you all.  I love you all whether you are in business with me, my friends, or my family.  Thank you so much for another wonderful Year.

You can do this, too.  It’s really fun once you get started, one thing leads to another.  “Shower the People you Love with Love.”  ~James Taylor

Happy Thanksgiving,

Every Job Take Ten Minutes

Managers in Contact Centers are overwhelmed, and they know it. They work; from home, while they drive, and while at the actual workplace.
They are on their cell phones doing e-mails, apps, and God only knows what else. They never take 5 minutes to “Be Quiet.” Oh! NO! They are too busy for that. They think every single thing they do is so important and they expect others to work the same way, so how can they take a break?

• They worry about production,
• Abandonment rates,
• Sales, Customer service, Customer Care
• Net Promotor Scores, and
• Customer Retention

They “think” that if they continue to push themselves very hard, without offending anyone, or hurting anyone’s self-esteem, that those who work for them will “Monkey See, Monkey Do,” then they will succeed in being Happy. At least they HOPE they will.  If only they could figure out ways to get Sat scores Up and Customer Experience locked in?

“Have a Little Tea with JUDY”:
1. If you can work 10-12 hours a day and take work calls at all hours of the day and night – YOU CAN TAKE 10 minutes twice a day to “STOP thinking, thinking, thinking! AND Be Quiet!”
2. Sit down in your office, unplug the phone. (Oh, NO, MR. BILL!) Listen to the air conditioner hum and breathe in and breathe out while saying these words.
3. Breathe IN…Breathe OUT. Do not add or subtract from those 4 words. If you notice your are thinking just gently go back to Breathe IN…Breathe OUT…for 10 minutes.  You will catch on soon.

What you can do in those ten minutes is renew your spirit and rest your mind.  Believe me, this will not be easy to do at first. However, you can get used to it and here is the reward.
• Your decisions for your work and life will be clearer
• Your ability to cope with problems and issues will be easier
• Your time just BEING and doing nothing will allow for you to spend the rest of the time being smarter and wiser than you ever thought possible

All the work and the “DO more” syndrome, along with the “DO it more often” part and especially the “DO IT FASTER and Make things Happen”…you have been conned into this. THIS is not it!
DO LESS, ALLOW more rest. Give your brain and your thought system a break…ten minutes twice a day. I’m just saying. If you want to think big and grow more…TAKE a BREAK!

The DO DO DO syndrome of DO more, DO better, Do different and then MORE of all those Do’s…does not work for Happiness, Clarity, Power, and Peace of Mind.

Integrity means:
The concept behind personal integrity is wholeness. When a person is the same without as within, when what others know about him/her is the same truth he has about himself, he has integrity. To have integrity, you are “WHOLE And COMPLETE And Have All Of The Parts Working In Sync.” You need a clear head, a clear mind, and faith in yourself.

Jacob Glass said: You don’t get what you deserve in life, you get what you think you deserve.” I really love that. You deserve a break from “figuring, scheming, and planning.”

Just ten minutes…really. YOU CAN DO THIS. Do this for a week and you will never again NOT be able to do it whenever you want.
Now that’s a Little TEA with Judy.

Judy McKee

Contact Center Consciousness About MONEY – Make it EASY and Convenient for a better customer experience


CASH!  WOW!  I love that word, Cash.  I love everything about it.  Like MONEY in the Mail.  Cash In and get your prize today! or Would you like Check or Cash?  I’ll take CASH, Please.

Let’s have a better Consciousness about MONEY.  We have an economy, we have goals, we have sales, we have up-selling and cross-selling, but do we have the Consciousness for Success where money is concerned?

The leadership, the trainers, and the coaches need to have a deep sense of “MONEY is a GOOD thing”. The Price is Right! Trainers and teachers cannot teach what they do not experience.  Words don’t matter much.  Words don’t teach, you have heard me say that before.  Experience teaches. PERIOD.  MIC DROP!  OLD mother’s words about money doesn’t hold up.  Learn this and your agents will be trained in how to give up the old story and apply the new one but IT’S UP TO YOU.  So, what do you believe?  Check yourself first.

Here is why it’s important in the Contact Center.  People are always freaking out over money.  Most of them learned the myths about money from their parents.  Here are a couple of things they heard.

  • Money is short.
  • There is never enough money.
  • Don’t carry cash, you may lose it.
  • Money is the root of all evil. Now that’s just wrong. Maybe the LOVE of it is the root…

How about when you’re in the Contact Center, and your agents must talk about the purchase price, the value, the ticket, or the fee, or even a high-ticket item, a retention agreement, or a subscription?  They have been trained or taught a few rules as well.

  • Don’t talk about money. Make the customer ask for the price. (Lame OLD 50’s idea)
  • Always hedge when speaking about money. (This is tricky, and no one likes it.)
  • Never give the price until you have filled the customer with value. (This simply doesn’t work)
  • I call it talking past what the customer wants and needs to know before he/she can buy.

Let’s set up some new rules about money

  • Always use the name of the customer in any sentence about the money.

o   “Mr. Smith, the fee for that is only $395.00. It starts today if you like. Okay?”

  • Never end on the money. In other words, don’t end on, “That will be $99.00”  Please, NO NO NO

o   “Thanks for asking Judy, the price is just $89.50, and we can deliver overnight if you like.”

  • Always put the money between the feature and the benefit.

o   “Judy, Since the fee is only $395 for the WEBCAST and you can take advantage of having ten different computers online, you can save a lot of training dollars to do the WEBINAR.  Would you like to pick a date today?”

  • Always say this when asked about the price: “The Money is the Best Part.”

o   Don’t be afraid of your price, we live in an economic world.  It’s okay, but be proud of it.

o   The answer to “How much is it?” is “Judy, that’s the best part.  It’s only $395 to train your whole office in How to Talk about MONEY.  It’s so easy to do and you will get your return the first day.  How about it?”

  • Always do the math. People are lazy about counting so make it easy. That’s consciousness.

o   Never use an expression like, “You’ll get 20% off” without doing the math.

o   People hate to do the math.

o   Customers don’t like to look wrong or stupid.

o   It’s easy, it’s more convenient, and it gives the customer a better experience.

o   Say it like this:  ”Since you love the Coupon and want to use it, let me make it even better for you.  You get the sales price of  $120.  Then you discount of 20%, that’s $24 off, so you get the whole thing for the final price of $96.00 and we can even take that in small payments monthly.  Would that work for you?”

That’s my consciousness for today. Find My LAMA TO GO – All About MONEY!  Click HERE!

~Judy McKee

  • I couldn’t help using my WEBINARS as an example…you saw right through that didn’t you?

Be “thinking” You’ve got another think coming!  I promise you do.  Open up to the consciousness.”

Communication is a Function of INTENTION

Everyone sure learned that lesson this past week!  The news is giving us all a lesson. If you say you’re joking but the words are mean, you’re NOT joking, you’re mean.  In all our classes we teach Customer Service Reps to be kind in word and in deed.  Sarcasm just doesn’t work.  Words that deride the company you work for make your business suspicious.  Hedging on speaking the price makes the customer fearful and nervous.  Let’s use words that communicate what we really mean. L-A-M-A Lessons on AMAZON . . .

Instead of: “I understand your concern.” This almost always sounds canned and expressionless…say this instead and mean it.  “We are so sorry that happened. You did the right thing to call and you have the right person.  I will get on it immediately. What happened exactly?” 


“What is your account number, do you happen to have that handy?”

Instead of: “Why do you want to cancel?”

Demonstrate you care by acknowledging the customer has the right to change his or her mind and you just want to know why so that you may find a way to solve, dissolve, or resolve the matter completely. NEVER ask “Why?”

Say THIS: “I am so sorry to hear that. Our job is to assist you with your account and any other thing that may make your experience with us a good one.  May I ask what caused you to make that decision?”

Check out the words you use and the intent behind the words.  Make sure the words express what you want to say in a way that makes it easy for your customer to hear and to make it safe for him or her to express whatever he/she wants.  When your INTENTION is clear, you will quickly be able to express what you really mean. You don’t have to say “Please don’t leave us! We hate when that happens.”  (Even if it is what you wish you could say.)    Ha Ha … see, you laughed.  Now you get my INTENTION.


Customer Experience is Not just a department, but a Philosophy!

My thoughts today:  Customer Experience, Customer Care, and Customer Service is NOT just a department, but a PHILOSOPHY!


          “It is a STAND YOU TAKE and you Take a STAND about the Stand you Take. YOU believe in the STAND You TAKE!” Werner Erhard said that in 1982.  I still operate from this thought system.  Taking a stand for the Stand You Take is so important.  My stand is this: The Customers must never be made to feel wrong or stupid even if they are wrong and stupid.  We do not get to make the judgement call.  My STAND is THIS: We must use feelings, and no computer can do that yet.  I hope they never will.


The Philosophy needs to lead the technology…not the other way around

  • How can we make it EASIER on the CUSTOMER to SAY YES without coercion or manipulation, but use Education and Good Offers?
  • What can we do to make the Customer Experience friendlier and kind and use our Technology to help?
  • What do the Customers WANT?
    • They want to find answers themselves, even before they call the company (FORBES said this)
    • If the company doesn’t respond personally and fast…
    • They GOOGLE the information


So, Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What am I NOT seeing about my customer that would make us more profitable and the customer happier with us?
  2. What is ALSO true about our relationship with the customer that I have NOT thought of?
  3. What does the customer want from me that I have not provided?
  4. What works when we interact with the customer? And What doesn’t work?
  5. Am I willing to do what it takes to help my customer?
  6. Am I willing to learn, grow and satisfy my customer at whatever the cost?
  7. What is the cost?


Customers want satisfaction.  They don’t want to be rich or famous. They want to be RIGHT to have chosen the company they chose. Period!


A million dollars doesn’t go as far as it used to

Money talk drives agents crazy?
Would you rather talk about ANYTHING other than MONEY?

When I started my business about 35 years ago, there were no ways to “think” about money as a good thing.  Real Estate was inflating at the speed of light, interest rates were sky high, and people were very fearful about money.  Now, all this was happening in a world filled with people who had gone through the 60’s, were hippies or even moving back into society from the communes, and seriously brought up to think that MONEY WAS THE ROOT of ALL EVIL!  That kind of thinking was getting me nowhere.  And I had three kids to put through college!

So, I started looking around for ideas on how to THINK BIG, “Think and Grow Rich!” and Catherine Ponder’s “Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.”  Before you knew it, I got my mind straight about How to THINK about money.  I set myself up with a couple of rules. Laugh if you wish but heed this warning.  If you are afraid of money, or you don’t like it for some reason, or you judge all those who have it as bad in some way…This Doesn’t Work! Set yourself up to start by thinking a little differently about money.  Here are a couple of my rules which helped me a lot to get positive about money. 

Rule # 1 – Money is NOT the Root of all evil.  It is simply a way we pay for things we need or want.  It isn’t anything at all except a resource to be used.

Rule # 2 – IF you see a penny or a nickel or a dime on the ground pick it up; and respect it.  It is MONEY. Alas, I used to multiply it in my mind like this.  This dime will multiply by 10,000-fold.

Rule # 3 – Tell the truth about money.  If you have $10.00 in a savings account, you make money while you sleep. It makes interest while you do nothing.

Rule # 4 – Never say: I can’t afford it.  This tells your subconscious mind that you aren’t smart enough to figure out ways to improve your financial situation. Also, you bought a lot of things you couldn’t afford, and you know it.

Rule # 5 – Never say: “That’s too expensive.”  When you say that…you are really declaring that you don’t have money to buy it.  If you had enough money to buy it, you would never say it’s too expensive, you would justify it. So, by that logic, it is not the object that is too expensive, it is your judgment call that keeps you from obtaining that.  STOP THAT for sure.

Those are some of the rules I started out with.  My first Sales Training Class was called “The Money Experience Workshop.”  First, I had to teach the Real Estate Agents in my course that money was OKAY!  That’s hard to believe, isn’t it?  I saw no reason to teach agents to make money if they hated it, or had some bad feeling about it.  How can you ever be successful if you don’t like money?  It won’t work to call the thing that you need, or want, bad names.

We need to talk about money in a way that makes the prospect, the client, or the customer glad they asked, “How much is it?”  And we are glad to talk about it. 

~Judy McKee


Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places

Call Center Love needed – but don’t look for it where you don’t want to find it – Find it and give it to the agents

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  We are all looking for love.  My thought for this month is, let’s look for love where we WANT to find it.  Call Center Agents need love too!  It seems the world is bent on finding love in all the wrong places, because they think that if they can only find the problem, they could fix it.  This is NOT TRUE.  You can always find challenges, but “Where is the love?”  Find THAT!

Call Centers have their problems, issues, and challenges.  But supervisors don’t need to find them.  They aren’t lost.  They are still there.  Issues constantly come up, and I always feel that the Agent is the one taking the heat!  They bear the brunt of every irritated customer, and are taught not to take it personally.  RIGHT?

Yesterday, I spoke to an Agent with my cable company; she was delightful!  She was helpful, quick, and she cared about what I wanted…my way.  The Agent thanked me for my complimentary attitude and said that, she sometimes gets frustrated because the hold times are so long, and when she can finally answer, the customer “yells at me.”  She corrected that to say “The customer gives the me a piece of his mind!  If you know what I mean.”  (This is in case she is heard on the recorded call.)

I told her that it’s not her fault. She is innocent, I tell you!  It is the speed at which the company sets up the router, or the fact that maybe there are not enough agents in the center ready to take the calls.  The issue really is; “Where is the Love for this Agent from the Company?”  The Agent comes to work on time, ready to do her job, with knowledge of the system, and the attitude of caring.  But the company seems to think that’s the end of it.  So, Agents get no love from the company; and certainly, none from the customers.

Okay! Let’s look for LOVE where it’s needed.  Let’s STOP finding the mistakes of the AGENT and instead, fix the technical part.  Let’s let the Agents know we appreciate them, and we appreciate the fact that they have taken the “hits” for so long, that we at corporate thought THIS IS THE WAY!  Well?

If the mission is to “give the Customer a wonderful experience,” START with the Contact Center.  This is the first time the customer gets to experience the company.  It’s the first opportunity to give the customer an experience that you care.  It’s pretty simple.  Put enough people in the seats in the call center to Answer the PHONES!

  • Look for LOVE by Giving it to your Agents for all they do
  • Look for LOVE by Answering the phone faster on behalf of the customer
  • Look for LOVE by hiring more Agents or manning the phones with a better system

Go ahead and get started.  Look for what works instead of what doesn’t work.  Look for where to GIVE love and give up worrying about the negatives.  Find the positives and reinforce them.  This will work!

  1. Agents want LOVE! If you GIVE IT TO THEM…they will produce better results.
  2. Look for Agents who are quick to find answers, quick to respond, and who are friendly to the customer. And then…WAIT FOR IT . . . give them a bonus, a raise, or a gift ticket to the movies.

(Do you realize it costs about an hour’s pay for one movie ticket? WHAAAAAT?)

Isn’t LOVE great?  Isn’t LOVE grand? Let’s show it to the AGENTS during “Love Your Customer Month.”  The Agent is your internal customer and deserves lots of LOVE.  They will share it on every call so your customer will feel loved.  Now isn’t that what you meant by saying you wanted the “Customer to Have a Better Experience?”  START today with Loving the Agents.

Now you are looking for LOVE in all the RIGHT places!

~Judy McKee

2018? It’s here now? How did that happen so fast?

YEAR END Goal Setting – LAMA LESSONS in Money, Time, and Energy

All our training classes begin with “INTENTION” and a short definition is “Being Determined in Advance.” A question I get at all training classes is: “Judy, what is the difference between Goals and Intention?”

Thanks for asking because the response is very important, and it can change the way you think about goals. Since, the Universe always says YES…you better get those goals right! There is a Universal Law at work, and it’s just like gravity.  So, at the end of every year, we talk about year-end goals, New Year’s Resolutions, and Next Year’s Goals.  This will be quick to learn.  The most important thing about goals is that they are specific and measurable.  Intention is general and imaginative, creative and the vision from 40,000 feet.

Here is the “kicker.”  All goals need to be based on INTENTION.  There are no hidden meanings, no hidden agendas, and no fooling the FORCE.  Therefore, you need three things:

  1. Purpose for your INTENTION- WHY do you want what you want?  Don’t set a money goal unless you have an Intention in mind.  Example:  I want to make a $50,000 goal. (BOLDLY stated.)  What for?  AH YES…for College tuition.  It is my Intention to put my kids through college.
  2. Goal- Sell $50,000 worth of training programs to pay for college fund.  (Now we’re talking.)
  3. Discipline- Discipline yourself to follow the plan in two ways. Daily and Monthly, I will be determined in advance to create for myself a Production Goal and a Management Goal. I will work as if the Management Goal is the one I must make and that my life depends on it.  This is exciting! Determined in advance.
  4. Production Goal- Defined as what you need to do to meet the phone bills, the payroll and/or the advertising budget. This will be different for each business.
  5. Management Goal- Defined as the bigger goal; the one used to manage yourself.
  6. Plan or Strategy- If I wanted $50,000 in training courses, I would make a plan, a strategy, and a budget to play with that would get me $60,000 worth of training programs. (20% more than Production Goal.) These goals can be predictions based on facts that are already there. Last year, I made $35,000 and did XYZ; now this year I need to keep 90% of my clients from last year and obtain 10 new clients. So, what’s that plan for this?

Thinking BIG is hard for everyone.  We have been so brain washed into thinking sacrifice is good, or maybe someone told you that you’ll never make your goals.  Of course, we’ve heard so many limited thinking stories and rules that now we believe in them.   It is so simple, but it just isn’t easy to give up those old thoughts that now are beliefs. (Beliefs are often just thoughts you repeated for years.) It’s time to give up the limited thinking and just watch what happens…what have you got to lose?   Yes, it is 2018.

Quote: “At the moment of commitment, the world conspires to make it happen.” 

Set your Intention on the most important MAIN thing.  Then set a goal to match the needs of that intention.  Finally, begin a plan for the strategy to create the circumstances that allow it to happen.

How do you say, “Thank You” in LAMA?

Maybe you would like some ideas this year on words and ways to say them, that really acknowledge another person.  When I want to say something wonderful, I usually start blubbering like a baby because, I start to seriously think about what someone means to me instead of taking them for granted.  When I am coaching in a call center and the agent says, “Thank you for calling,” or “Thank you for being our customer,” I always want to thank the Agent for the good job and embellish it.  Most agents find me a little on the corny side, but the wonderful thing is, they GET IT!  If you are teaching Customer Manners, or Company Goals with Customer Affairs or Quality Care, it may be part of your responsibility to listen for how we express our thanks.  I will LAMATIZE a couple of Thanksgiving expressions for you when you are the Coach, the Manager, or the Trainer.  This will start you thinking about how to say “Thanks.”

  1. The Customer asked for something. The agent completed the job. Here is what you can say:
  2. L – This is what you heard…Agent did a nice job and thanked the customer for calling.
  3. A – Corey, you really helped that customer and you did it fast.
  4. M – When we teach etiquette we say the usual things, but you didn’t just say the usual things. You were kinder, you offered even more education if the customer needed it, and you probably made that customer feel good about doing business with us.
  5. A – How did you learn to put that extra caring into your calls?
  6. The Agent handled a call with panache even after the Customer became angry at having to wait so long for a real person…The customer had started with “ALL YOU PEOPLE…”
  7. L Agent was calm and collected even while working under pressure of an angry customer who was name calling and threatening.
  8. A – Jennie, I am just so proud of you. You did a fantastic job with that call from Mrs. Jones.
  9. M – You were helpful without being patronizing, I especially liked it when you said: “I am so sorry this happened to you, Mr. Jones, but you called the right place now and I will help you with this.” Thanks again for making it your business to represent our company with such empathy.
  10. A – Where did you get that way of expressing yourself?

Okay…That’s it for this month.  Please come to our WEBINAR on November 16th…All about Thanksgiving – Making a Difference with Gratefulness and Appreciation.  We Appreciate you. There are gifts and surprises for all who attend.  Happy Thanksgiving.