Anything Can Happen!

I once used this title “Anything Can Happen!” as a Keynote Speech Title where many people came to attend.  Everyone enjoyed the positive message but there were not as many people in the seats as I would have liked.  So, I found a list of Keynote Speech Titles on the Internet and decided to try one.  The title was “Stop the Bleeding!”  and Another one was called “Kill the BAD RAP on (Whatever)” and I used “Telemarketing.”   Here is the interesting part about those titles.

  • The ones that were negative drew more people. We think we are being positive when in fact we kind of love the negativity.  We thrive on fixing things.  We just adore getting into the “HOW” of everything and coming up with answers.  It makes us feel powerful. 

So, I have learned over the years to deliver keynotes that are Motivational, Inspirational, and full of a Positive Message, but the titles that draw more people in are the negative ones.  Nothing is better than an Inspirational Speech, one that moves the molecules around.  But to get an audience into the room requires some thought.  We need a title that will peak their interest and drive them to want to come.  If you doubt me on this, check out all the ads. You will see they reflect this.  Titles like “Three Secret Lies In Business No One Ever Told You” or “Ten Nightmare Things That Can Happen To You!”   You can check out the titles on the WEBINARS offered or the Buy One Get One FREE things.  BOGO’s don’t draw as much of a crowd as the BAD NEWS does.

If you are an executive and you want a meeting to be filled with all the people you really want to be there, don’t promise them “Joy at any cost!”  Do not offer solutions or answers!  Tell them you will give them “The 3 ways people look for love in all the wrong places” or “Let’s Kill the Messenger!” “Start with Breaking all the RULES” and the room will be filled.  For Customer Service Speech…never use “Help is on the WAY!” instead say: “Go To The Internet And Fix It Yourself.”  I promise, your room will be packed!

When I started the LAMA TRAINING years ago, I started with “Always make your customer feel right and smart to do business with you.”  Want to know what they always remember?  “Never make your customer feel wrong or stupid.”  Guess what?  They keep coming back for more.  That’s my take on it this month.  I wouldn’t mind giving a keynote or short course at your place of business…I will find a title that will drive everyone into the seats!  Anything can happen, and I am up for it!

Would you rather read a romance novel or make love?

Romance novel or REAL LOVE EXPERIENCE? –     From the MIND of MCKEE

I agree with everyone who says: We as training instructors have to open up to these amazing new ways to teach and train agents who are on the phones with REAL people.

My ideas would be these.

1. Do all of the definition work in advance. Make sure every lesson has a pre-training Web Based Training (WBT) part that will engage the learner in “knowing” what they do not know. Finding out what you do not k now that you do not know is such a good thing!

2. Pre-Training is a must and can be done easily with WBT. The Instructor Led Training (ILT) portion can be faster, more interactive and completed in less time when the trainees understand the meanings of things in advance of the class room experience.

3. Homework and short tests help but will not give the learner “experience.” This is KEY…THIS is ESSENTIAL, THIS IS ABSOLUTE. I TAKE A STAND ON THIS! (caps on purpose)

Math can be learned on paper. Instructions on how to do something like put the groceries in the bag can be demonstrated and visualized and understood. BUT, when the words say one thing and the tone says something else, that takes skill in a whole new way. Say, “He didn’t murder his wife!” five times and each time put the accent on a different word and see how the entire meaning changes.

My biggest FEAR is we won’t use people on the phones at all someday. (SAD huh?) I can see the writing on the wall…can’t you?” ROBOTS everywhere. They are there now but not one hundred percent. YET.

Right now we need people desperately because we need to learn to talk to one another, (Are your children talking to you?) engage one another in conversation, talk with a customer and not AT THEM. This can be learned intellectually but “Communication Skills” require people to WAIT-FOR-IT…. to Communicate, Converse, Relate And Engage…with each other. This requires Skill in the following areas.

  • Listening to the other person, not interpreting but hearing the other person and discovering the emotional needs of that person with a willingness to help.
  • Acknowledging what you hear without judgment in your tone of voice and with sincere acceptance of the other person having a point of view that may or may not agree with yours.
  • Making some type of comment that is not threatening, smug or arrogant, not too long or pushy , that lets the other person know that you heard and understood them and that you have a comment on it, support for it or simply a concern for the person and ‘their’ issue.
  • And in order to continue this intercourse, ending your side of the conversation with a question that does not make the other person feel wrong or stupid while engaging them by talking in a way that makes them feel smart and right at the same time.

In order to do this, you may have to transform your way of handling others. You need to work with people and hear their tone, their emotional needs, the feelings that are being expressed, if you don’t do that, you may be able to pass the Quiz but can you actually converse with another human being???

To me, it’s like baseball…if you read about it, does that make you HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK?

Like riding a bike. If you read a book about it, took a web based training about it…Can you ride a bike?

When you read a recipe do you actually taste the food? or Customer Service Sally

It’s like love, do you want to read a romance novel or “love somebody?”

Let’s love our Customers enough to talk to them. Let’s love our Trainees enough to give them what they need to know and then communicate to them with INTENTION.

It’s simple, it isn’t easy.

Create your training program in three parts.

1. Lessons, DATA, Definitions and Information

2. Classroom: Refresh the information and teach Communication with INTENTION to have your trainees “experience” the lesson. Role-Play and Practice listening, acknowledging the other person, speaking and commenting about IT and asking questions that move the conversation along.

3. Quiz and test and interact on E-Learning in small bits and pieces so learning can be incremental.

It can be done but remember Judy’s advice…Don’t CAVE on Communication, Sales, Customer Service or Retention…Take a STAND!

Call me and let’s talk about it.

~Judy McKee

Nobody wants WOW…they want SERVICE!

Maybe we should do everything wrong

but do it real fast….. is that the solution?

If you have ever wished you had a better way to handle “Ms, Me First, “The Warranty Whipper” “the Guarantee Grump” or “Mr. Let’s make a deal…” This class or talk is a dream come true. Judy will show you how to keep your cool during a customer relationship management crisis.


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What if the Customer is WRONG, STUPID and Ignorant?

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Your Money or Your Life?

MONEY THINKING or Who is SUSAN, anyway?

Is there ever enough of it? And Does it make the world go round? Whatever you do, questions about money eventually enter your life. This is a money talk that’s music to your ears. Join Judy as she exposes three major myths about money and how money affects your professional development, career moves and personal self-esteem. Don’t expect this talk to be dull, Judy McKee is known for her energy and enthusiasm about both her money and her life!

What’s love got to do with it?

Is wealth a state of mind? Show me the $$$$.

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Men’s and Women’s Realities…He is too, different!

The problem is he isn’t the same as you….no kidding!

That “we are the SAME” thing is just WRONG…

It started in the 70’s and it all went downhill from there. Men and women are different and it’s funny!

This talk is guaranteed to lighten the hearts and lift the spirits of people who have been listening to technical data hour after humdrum hour. Bring those spouses in for a good talking to. Let’s dump the stress and have some fun!

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If you are completely depending on yourself to meet those goals, you have every right to be scared. !!! Where is the Magnificence, Abundance & Grandeur? It got stuck somewhere in the ego and the grandiosity. Now don’t go all righteous on me? It’s all about trust in a Universe that always says “YES. “

There is great power in Creative thinking, Powerful Intentional Thinking and Positive Thinking. Learn some rules about Goal setting and have fun doing it.

• Clarity Equals Power And Profits

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