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Home of the Original
LAMA Training

(818) 945-5141
Call us–We’re in the
phone business!

Would you rather read a romance novel or make love?

Do you not separate the menu from the meal? Do you know the difference between: What is right? and What Works? Understanding the difference between a gain and a loss can be vital to your training program.

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Mentoring and Communication Techniques for Managers

The LAMA Technique for Middle Management and Supervisors

What good is it if the Trainers, get “how to” teach, the Agents get trained in “How to do it” but the Managers and supervisors don’t get trained in the LAMA©?

• Who teaches the Coach to coach? We do.

• Who teaches the Managers to give feedback? We do.

• Who opens every door of communication? We do.

Call us: 760-738-8200

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Advanced Training for Additional Sales

Behavioral Style Selling
Advanced Course on Sales

Learn to sell to the 4 major styles of behavior and increase your sales by 50%.
Do NOT sell people the way you buy!
People are motivated for their reasons not yours. Do NOT sell people using cleverness and tricks.
Watch This Video: Insert Video HERE

Learn to:
• Identify other styles
• Recognize in 1st 20 seconds
• Adapt your style to serve
• Sell 50% more

This is an advanced course only taught after the LAMA is first.

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The Positive Coach Approach – Certification Program

The Positive Coach Approach

This Coaching program is remarkable in its strong foundation and never fails to deliver on its promise to build people’s skills.

Our Training Program teaches a revolutionary method that’s designed to insure extraordinary performance by newly hired agents or veterans.

Coaches using this method will enable call center personnel to gain real ability to use learned skills and positive attitudes thus reducing the work load on managers and quality assurance departments.

A major added benefit is that through improved performance, call center personnel experience:
• Less Pressure
• More Self-Confidence and self esteem
• Less Turn Over
• More Job Satisfaction

Call for a complete outline of three day course.

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Train the Manager in the LAMA Technique

Lunch and Learn Courses
Save Time, Money, & Energy

We have delivered Advanced Customized Lunch and Learn courses, Web Seminars and full hours of ELearning as well as Quick Fixes to serve our clients.

• Getting through gatekeeper
• Openers that say “come-In”
• “Forgive me, Father”
• Five Ways to SAY NO NO NO
• Second Calls mean a lot
• Three Call Strategy
• B-2-B – Remember me

We have a hundred of these.
Call us: 760-738-8200

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Advanced Training – Customized Topics

Advanced Training Programs
Customized Topics

The LAMA is the course that starts every other course. Why? Because the LAMA is based on: Intention, Relationship, Self-Discipline and Skill.

After your company has completed the LAMA© technique they will absolutely want to adapt all other courses to work with LAMA technique. That’s how good it is.

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