Blogging is so much fun!

Hi GANG! My Blog should be called, “if you think you’re so smart, you’ve got another think coming!” Is that too long?
ONLINE TRAINING comes to life!!! Well, the LAMA MAMA rides AGAIN!

Okay all you Bloggers, Sales People, Trainers and Supervisors, I love you and have finally been talked into putting my training online! I know, I don’t how this will work but you are invited to participate.
The training starts in March and I am hustling to get ten companies on board to see if this will be a huge success. I’m scared, too. Tag National suggested it about a year and a half ago but I guess I just couldn’t’ get behind it since I can’t see your beautiful faces. I have finally “caved” when I heard a small business lose a customer while I was waiting for service the other day. Small businesses just don’t have access to the type of training we provide for these big top 100 companies. Still, I think they are the backbone of our country.

February, I will be hard at work during the month creating training programs for them on line for practically no money at all. It will be like a small phone bill or something like that, and sooooo affordable.

The trick is getting the word out. You can help me there. Please let your friends […]