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Call us–We’re in the
phone business!

“Love-Me-Trust-Me” in the first 20 seconds.

Hi Everybody, I know I have not written for a long, long time. I cannot help it.  I am so opinionated, I am afraid to write.  Lately, I have been watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory.  Sheldon is a genius who does not understand sarcasm, sex, or emotions.  He writes letters to the T.V. Networks and has no understanding of why they don’t pay attention to him because he is so smart and of course literally “right.”  He is so amusing.

You know our training says Never Make the Customer “Feel Wrong or Stupid.” We say this for ONE REASON ONLY…to make sure that when the Customer Calls, the Customer has a “safe” environment in which to communicate.  No other reason at all.  It’s not a trick; we are not trying to “find the pain.”  We would like the Customer to tell us their pain or problem or issue without us having to intrude on their “safety.”

Here is my question today. Why do companies’ think they can “trick” “cajole” or “manipulate” the customer into anything?  If they do succeed in this, ‘shame on them.’  The price will be huge because you may get a one-time sale but not a life time customer.  When the relationship is built on trust, you can bet the customers will come back.  They will never come back if you are the least bit “Un-trust-able.”

See what I mean?  I am opinionated and sometimes I feel like Sheldon because I am right. It doesn’t work to be […]

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Leaning Out – Leaning In….Who knew?

Leaning OUT!

Who knew that when I had heart palpitations the other day..it was really the idea of “leaning-out?” I told my very literary sister, (university grad and Teacher of Literature for 30 years) that I didn’t want to participate in all these ‘Social Media” things. She immediately identified me as a “lean-out person.” This got me to thinking and I checked it out. I think my sis is right!

Here is a quote from Money Magazine by:Elaine Pofeldt

“Maybe you’re eager for a job that allows you to make a greater contribution to the world. Or if you’ve been working 50 to 60 hours a week for decades, you might just want to slow down to free up more time for your family, hobbies, and other pursuits. Indeed, in a recent survey, only one in four MONEY readers said their top career priority was to land a promotion or raise; nearly half wanted more flexibility or more meaning.”

I think I am “leaning-out.” This doesn’t mean I won’t work till I drop because I actually have a job that is very, very fulfilling but I am in my 70’s and still lead this company. My goal now is to completely pass-on the legacy to the younger Sally Cordova (my daughter and brilliant writer of The Positive Coach Approach) and allow her the job of taking us to a new place. She already has done this for 9 years but now she is going to get the […]

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PACE Does it again! This Time in RAIN FREE Phoenix

P-A-C-E ASSOCIATION does it again. Phil Grudzinski, the CEO, makes things happen. He established the PACE Conference in PHOENIX as the place to be for Networking, Education, Meeting Old Friends and singing Karaoke!  Oh! YES! I DID!  You know I wouldn’t miss the chance to sing in front of an audience.  It was so wonderful to see those millionaire business owners…singing for their margaritas and shots, having such a wonderful time, playing instead of hustling for once in their lives….Do I hear a song in there?♫

WOW! Okay enough of the exclamation marks. It was perfect weather and we had a fantastic time.  Sally and I met some smart new prospects and we will be opening those doors in real time later this week.   Once, I even held a mini-training in the exhibit hall for a fantastic company called Interior Concepts.  (I can’t help myself.)  The young man, Brandon Gerard, who heads up their Sales Division asked for my “good ideas. “Did I ever say “no” to a salesman?  (Especially one so young and handsome.)  Oh Yeah! and I already heard from Jeff Milberg who never fails to be marketing something fantastic for all who employ him .

Lisa Nye Ford and her staff made it a very big occasion, the sponsors poured the wine. The word of the Meeting was “IN the Cloud!”  Tom Rocca is now working with Cloud9…look out and get ready for some very big expansion. Tom is the one with 60 ideas in […]

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GIVE UP ON 2012…it’s OVER

END the OLD year RIGHT! NOT New Year’s Shananigans!

It’s time to finish STUFF! Let go of old baggage and get on with 2013.

Give up your REAR VIEW MIRROR approach and take the high road….

Intro to Completion


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Positive Coach Approach Builds Self Esteem! KUDOS

"I am no longer the only person sitting at the table with nothing to say or no one to talk to.  I fit in and I don’t feel like the outsider anymore."

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Intro to Maximizing Customer Contact

Business owners and managers must remember that customer service representatives taking incoming calls from existing or prospective customers are the human link – the real, live voice – that, to the customer, represents the entire company. So, why take the risk of having poorly trained and managed people in this crucial position?

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