SOCAP Take-aways! SYMPOSIUM Learning Works!

SOCAP ROCKS! And I don’t mean just music.

OOH…and AAH! Is the word of the day, the week the month, the year! (Can I copyright it first?)
How long does it take to get the brain going? All you need is the visualization of a certain genius named, Jer THORP. He opened our eyes to a new way, not kidding, a NEW WAY of visualizing stats and ideas. The visuals were gorgeous, entertaining and some of them even made sense to me. I am so right brained, I never understand stats and stuff but he presented it in 3D. “Help me RHONDA♫…I am a suit.” His hair, t-shirt and jeans should have signaled the age of the “geek. It did! And I am in love with the idea of GEEKS on CALL.

Michael Tchong
, of UBERTRENDS, did it for me. You know what I mean. He told us of the FUTURE… You know that old JOKE, “I have seen the future…..GO BACK!” He made sense of so many things about the “millennials.” HEY! Kids, I might live to 100. My fear is if he is right, I will outlive my IRA. Sorry, Rich, Steve and Sally, you kids will have to make it on your own, there will only be money for me. I am going to save my money. As Mary Kay said years ago…”When you are over 50, HONEY, you need CASH!” I used to say, when I felt tired, “Keep going, I can sleep when I get old.” but I never knew I was talking about waiting for a rest until I am a hundred. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I am feeling very good about BIG DATA….nobody knows what it is either. It has many meanings. I am going to stick to working with PEOPLE. I think this BIG DATA thing is never going away but I also think the Call Centers of the world can use the information to find out what their company needs in training. That is when they will call me and Sally! See? It all works out alright. Like they said in the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: “Everything always works out in the end. If something doesn’t work out, Trust me, It is not yet the end.”

Leslie O’Flahavan
gave us some wonderful tips about presenting using stories. I sent Sally and she loved it. I am an old dog but I can learn new tricks. Oh YES I CAN! Sally will tell me everything and I will “get it.”

SOCAP Symposium means Workshops and they were real. I found out from the Leadership that “Learnings” is a noun. I was able to work hand and pen, with the best people I have ever met. They were involved, engaged and they made me and Sally feel right at home. We had RED badges to identify us as NEWBIES. I liked the warm welcomes so much, I may wear red forever. (shush, don’t’ tell.) I have so much to say about this wonderful organization SOCAP. I will write more tomorrow. Changing the game changes the way we work. By GABE ZICHERMANN changed me forever. No wonder my certificate of accomplishment isn’t enough. More tomorrow and maybe you can give me some ideas on GAMIFYING (that’s a real word, I think) the LAMA and the Positive Coach Approach. Margaritaville was very COOL, we danced the night away. ~Judy

Easy Call Center Coaching 1-2-3

Check out this short video.  This is the year of the INTENTION Coach!!!

PACE Does it again! This Time in RAIN FREE Phoenix

P-A-C-E ASSOCIATION does it again. Phil Grudzinski, the CEO, makes things happen. He established the PACE Conference in PHOENIX as the place to be for Networking, Education, Meeting Old Friends and singing Karaoke!  Oh! YES! I DID!  You know I wouldn’t miss the chance to sing in front of an audience.  It was so wonderful to see those millionaire business owners…singing for their margaritas and shots, having such a wonderful time, playing instead of hustling for once in their lives….Do I hear a song in there?♫

WOW! Okay enough of the exclamation marks. It was perfect weather and we had a fantastic time.  Sally and I met some smart new prospects and we will be opening those doors in real time later this week.   Once, I even held a mini-training in the exhibit hall for a fantastic company called Interior Concepts.  (I can’t help myself.)  The young man, Brandon Gerard, who heads up their Sales Division asked for my “good ideas. “Did I ever say “no” to a salesman?  (Especially one so young and handsome.)  Oh Yeah! and I already heard from Jeff Milberg who never fails to be marketing something fantastic for all who employ him .

Lisa Nye Ford and her staff made it a very big occasion, the sponsors poured the wine. The word of the Meeting was “IN the Cloud!”  Tom Rocca is now working with Cloud9…look out and get ready for some very big expansion. Tom is the one with 60 ideas in 60 minutes, remember?

Sally did wonderfully in the GOLF tournament except she hit the longest ball over the fairway and it didn’t count.  Another reason I play tennis.  That would never happen in TENNIS.  Why would you put the prize for the longest shot on a hole that didn’t have enough fairway to hit to? I don’t get it but then I don’t get golf where less is better than more.  I never liked that concept. I like more of more is better.

Keith Fiveson (ITESA – People Convergence Solutions ) videotaped Sally and me and if I do say so myself, we were AWSOME!  It’s all for the new website.  We look great on camera.  Linda Bankhead of Presence Technology, was  bending my ear for a while at lunch, SMART and PRETTY…Darn it’s tough for me, getting older. Met the CEO of  E-TECH and I said….why haven’t we trained your whole company in The Positive Coach Approach? They come to all the FREEBIES. Do you think that will work? Nicola Roark of Harland Clarke has a lot to say about Contact Center Services…call her.

Linda Ritchie from Interactive Intelligence, has the cutest little goat and we put our LLAMA, Louie right next to him, check it out on our facebook  page.   Rob Marshall and Liz Frinch of the Mid-atlantic chapter are going to invite me to speak at their BIG BIG Chapter meeting….it’s about time!   New guy, Barry Maners looked sharp and wants to talk to me about business? Of course! The Fraser Group is the Voice of Customer SolutionsDave Gregory –WEST,  and Lee Pemberton from Inspired Performance Solutions talked about Coaching which is my favorite subject other than LAMA… they opened eyes and ears about Coaching in the Call Center. There is room for all of us Lee, no kidding. (About how many call centers in the USA alone? )  Reggie Brown Rand B Media Services in Phoenix or San Diego…not sure but he  did the videos and he was awesome, in my photo he made me look younger than  Springtime. ♫ Another Song…Hey, I was in South Pacific once. I tell Sally, to lie about her age. She says “Why?”  I am your mother, because I said so…..

Here is something very new….GlobalFIT, Owen Murphy, is a new member and is going to give great discounts to those agents who want support in getting fit!  It’s hard answering 80 -100 calls a day and staying trim.  ME, TOO!  I just sit here and talk.

Of course, I am sour grapes because Jane Bulman of Comcast cleaned my clock in the tennis match we played in mixed doubles.  I will get over it and try again next year. Jane is so awesome her top spin is to die for!  Now I have to go on a diet because of all the food and drinks.  Gary Pudles bought me one and Darlene Geller-stoff bought me many.  It was her turn!  Darci Maenpa from Toastmaster’s International looked great as usual.  She knows how to party.  Kathleen Kelly from DVSAnalyticis helped us girls…set some wonderful new goals for next year.  Shireen Wedlock from SMARTACTION, is a pistol but who doesn’t know that? We are on a rant but we will tell all later. C5 is the code word. SHUSHSHSHSHSH.

We made many new friends and tried hard to support the old ones.  See you next year!

Later with video.~Judy McKee




GIVE UP ON 2012…it’s OVER

END the OLD year RIGHT! NOT New Year’s Shananigans!

It’s time to finish STUFF! Let go of old baggage and get on with 2013.

Give up your REAR VIEW MIRROR approach and take the high road….

Intro to Completion


Happy Birthday Greetings

Today is the DAY I am glad I am offered another year of joy, fun,training and coaching. Hey, AND TENNIS! It’s time to set new goals! It’s time to prepare to complete this year and set up competing for next year. I always call it, “COMPLETE AND COMPETE” but I really don’t like the idea of competition. I much prefer to live out of my INTENTION. I hate to worry about my competition. Is that crazy? Everybody worries about it…..I don’t. I work for SATISFACTION. That really works. Quick Fix Friday’s will be all about completing this year…and so you can compete next year.

AIRY FAIRY!!!! Yes, you could say that because I do believe in “Positive Coaching” “The LAMA technique” and “Never making my customer or client ‘feel’ wrong or ‘stupid.’ ” Since I have adapted these policies, I have never failed. This tells me a few things about other people.

1. It seems people would rather be right than anything else. I fall into this trap once in awhile myself. GIVE THIS UP!
2. People worry about tomorrow and fear what the future holds, at least that’s what they say. I think they really worry that the future might just exactly like the past only worse. So, Take a CHANCE, put something at risk….it’s waaaaayy more fun!
3. People get lonely, I sure do but when I think about it, If can just remember to “Think of Others” instead, then I don’t have to treat myself to a “pity-party” as my assistant, Kelly, calls it. “Make Someone Happy” is the true motto we could all adopt. When we do, we find out quickly that we are the most happy ourselves when others are happy. AND BEST part is, we had a little something to do with it. WOW!
4. The Alternative to NOT having a Birthday is TERRIBLE. I started to think bad thoughts about getting old and feeling sad about it, when I mentioned to one person that I wasn’t happy about having a birthday, I saw a look on her face and it made me realize, I was taking “her” fun away. I am OFF IT! instantly.
5. Thanks for all those great birthday greetings. I really love them and plan to celebrate, all day, all week and for the rest of the month!

Happy Birthday JUDY… Click on Jazz TUNE….below. Hear a song I recorded….
AND I Approve this message.

Positive Coach Approach Builds Self Esteem! KUDOS

Testimonials for Sally Cordova
The Positive Coach Approach

Hi Bloggers, I have never had such a great day as I had yesterday. A Mother Loves to hear her KID did good. If you have ever felt good about watching your child grow, make a difference or win the prize, or do well in the recital or just ACT RIGHT…you will know what I felt yesterday when Sally got these “Kudos.” The Positive Coach Approach makes a huge difference in peoples lives. Whether you use it for “Training” “Coaching” or “Management” you will read in these two short e-mail communications the wonderful IMPACT the PCA has on people both personally or professionally. WOW! I am so moved by these two brand new acknowledgments that Sally received. I think I am glowing today…”That’s My Girl!” ~judy

Dear Sally,

My biggest accomplishment is learning how to communicate with others. I found it difficult at times to keep the conversation moving but now I find that if I make a conscious effort to LAMA it is easy.

Another great accomplishment is seeing how folks actually like to talk back. The conversation is no longer one sided and I find that not only am I communicating with others but I am building relationships as well. I am no longer the only person sitting at the table with nothing to say or no one to talk to. I fit in and I don’t feel like the outsider anymore.

Maggie (last name not used for privacy)

Hi Sally,
We just had a meeting with Costco today and couldn’t say enough good things about the PCA! The morale is shifting around here, and that is one of the contributing factors. Although I don’t have any direct reports, I have handed out more Thank You’s lately. I used the walk-by approach and left a note on a decorative notepad for one of the nurses that always maintains a positive attitude. I still need to do more LAMA on my 6-year old!! 

Thank you,

Donna Lindsey, RN, BSN, CCM
Business Project Program Manager

Video Training – What’s up with that?

How to do a short VIDEO AD for Your Agents. I made this short little video to GET the GIG with a Tanning Salon Products Sales.
What’s funny is, I didn’t get the job with the tanning company but I did get it with the other ten companies I showed it to.
Operate our of INTENTION with PASSION for your work. YOU CANNOT FAIL. First Intention – Then enlightenment!Fun for FS Tanning“>

This is my good idea today. God Bless America, too!
Judy and Sally

Intro to Maximizing Customer Contact

Happy November, the wonderful month of “Thanksgiving and Gratitude” My heart really goes out to those effected by “Sandy.” That was my lifelong best friends name who I shall call from now on “Sandra” so she will never be linked to the tragedy in the EAST. God Bless you all. Sally and I are constantly thinking and praying for you.

Oh! Yeah! and it’s my Birthday MONTH. Someone wanted to buy my old past book….I love that. It’s Called Maximizing Customer Contact, Teaching Your Customer Service Agents to SELL!!!
I couldn’t find one except the one that I saved for the Judy McKee Museum…Hey, It could happen if the Positive Coach Approach gets licensed to some very very big companies. Anyway, when I read the introduction to it, I thought it was worth review.

Customers are a precious asset these days, and must be handled accordingly. They expect service that is easy to access, and they expect to deal with people who are knowledgeable, competent, professional and who have their best interests at heart.

This book is about making the most out of every contact that is initiated by an existing or potential customer when he or she calls in for help, advice, service, information or to place an order.

As a business owner or manager, it’s in your best interest to train your customer service personnel how to show extraordinary concern for the welfare of the customer. What impresses people most is extraordinary service from seemingly ordinary people. This is the key to long-term customer retention.

Customer retention does not happen by accident. It requires training, management, commitment and action to develop and maintain an environment where excellent performance can flourish.

Pleasant, efficient customer service is the way to overcome the facelessness of a company. It gives the company a personality and brings the company into a relationship with its customers.

Business owners and managers must remember that customer service representatives taking incoming calls from existing or prospective customers are the human link – the real, live voice – that, to the customer, represents the entire company. So, why take the risk of having poorly trained and managed people in this crucial position?

Now, let’s go a step further. Assume you already have an excellent customer service team. Why not expand their role to maximize customer contact by having them offer additional products or services that could benefit the customer or prospect? Inquiries are sales waiting to happen.

How often, at the end of a customer service call, have you heard the question: “Is there anything else I can do for you today, Mr./Ms. Customer?”

Instead of this bland, weak question, why not have the customer service representative offer another product or service that could benefit the caller and increase your sales? This is a perfect opportunity to maximize contacts, and it can be done in a way that’s not manipulative or intrusive to the caller.

The ideas, philosophies, skills and techniques set forth in this book have been developed around a “kinder and gentler” approach to the selling process. They are appropriate for the attitude and styles of today’s buyers and, perhaps even more important, will appeal to the customer service representatives who have not been required to extend themselves beyond their perception of customer service.

I invite you to join me in this exciting task of turning your customer service representatives into sales achievers.

Judy McKee

You can call us for training in “Would you like Fries with that?”

Keep a Journal of Your Progress.

Here is a journal page. It is like the one I have used for years.
I hope you get it! This is a wonderful way to keep yourself centered on the job to do today!
Just DO IT!

How to COACH an Agent to Produce a Successful Close!

Coaching the Close!!!! Here is a small Quick Fix Friday I did. It will open your eyes to why “coaching” is such a big issue today. It think it’s funny that back in the 80’s Dr. Ken Blanchard wrote a wonderful book called The One Minute Manager. In it he discussed what was called, “Leave Alone ZAP” technique of management. Guess what? In many call centers they still use this dated dated technique. I call it “Parental” or “Police-like” Sally and I wrote a book about it, too. The Positive Coach Approach. (you can find it at AMAZON.)

Yesterday I did a short Quick Fix Friday all about how to coach for a successful “closing” technique. I got letters!!!! I love that. Many people wanted a copy and luckily I recorded it. So, here it is if you want to watch it. It’s only 20 minutes and I am going to watch it again myself to see why it was a good session. CLICK HERE! 2012-10-12 07.02 Quick Fix Friday – All About Mast

Remember people only thrive with Self-Correction and also in a “safe” environment. There is nothing safe about a manager, coach or lead or Quality Assurance person who is marking you down and making you feel wrong and stupid. They do NOT mean to do this. It’s just they don’t think there is another way. There is.

Here it is: 2012-10-12 07.02 Quick Fix Friday – All About Mast This is a slide presentation with audio about 21 minutes! Yes, it’s worth it.

Call us if you want Coaching in your Call Center. 760-738-8200. We are booking the first quarter in 2013. I will put up the Judy video about it as well.

I am going to Hotel DEL Coronado for the next two days to attend the SOCAP Convention. That is a fabulous group. Networking and Education at the beautiful San Diego Venue. Maybe they even have some old Admirals there. I like Admirals, they retire in Coronado. Maybe I will set up a tennis match with one of those retired Naval Officers. Have a great weekend everybody. Watch the Video.