What can you do to motivate and inspire yourself?

When I need motivation, where do I turn?  Who motivates the motivator?  Do I send myself balloons?

No balloons please…

Instead, I call a friend.  I have about five people in my life who never forget who I am, and what I am about.  They will always let me be petty, feel sorry for myself, and even listen to me grumble about life and whatever is bothering me.  They let me do this for about five minutes, then they say…”Hold the phone while I get a crying towel.”  Then, they have my attention.  I begin to see that I must sound like a real complainer.  They remind me of the people I have trained, the difference I have made to them and others.  They always let me know that my work is where my joy is.  This is my lesson to you: Find the joy and give up the pettiness!  At least, only let the pettiness linger for a short time.  It’s ok to get it out, vent for a little, but then breathe it all away, and focus on the good, the joy, the greatness!  These people love me and will always be there for me and not let me give in too long to the dark side.  The rule is always the same, let me vent just enough to be able to get over it.  Never let me vent to the point of whining.  This method always works!  The only hard part, is finding those five precious friends who will never let you down.

Ice cream works, too! Pralines and cream…yummy!

There is a list on my desktop called “Appreciations!”  There are a number of them.  I’ll share some with you here:
I appreciate my jobs.  I appreciate my view.  I appreciate the work I get to do.  I appreciate my excellent health.  I appreciate the sky.  I appreciate my tennis friends and my health to play with them.  I appreciate the trucks outside my window.  (I don’t know why they impress me so, but that one is RoadTech.  And they must be helping someone.  There is a moving van…see?)  I appreciate them all being there.  It’s a variation on “Count your Blessings.”  It works every time!  It’s also very inspiring.  @>—-  😉

My challenge to you today…Go make your own list of Appreciations.  Write it on a Post-it, and hang it by your computer, put it on your dry erase board, use the notes app on your phone, whatever works for you.  And when you get “stuck in the yuck” take a second to remember these Appreciations.  You’ll be glad you did!