A million dollars doesn’t go as far as it used to

Money talk drives agents crazy?
Would you rather talk about ANYTHING other than MONEY?

When I started my business about 35 years ago, there were no ways to “think” about money as a good thing.  Real Estate was inflating at the speed of light, interest rates were sky high, and people were very fearful about money.  Now, all this was happening in a world filled with people who had gone through the 60’s, were hippies or even moving back into society from the communes, and seriously brought up to think that MONEY WAS THE ROOT of ALL EVIL!  That kind of thinking was getting me nowhere.  And I had three kids to put through college!

So, I started looking around for ideas on how to THINK BIG, “Think and Grow Rich!” and Catherine Ponder’s “Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.”  Before you knew it, I got my mind straight about How to THINK about money.  I set myself up with a couple of rules. Laugh if you wish but heed this warning.  If you are afraid of money, or you don’t like it for some reason, or you judge all those who have it as bad in some way…This Doesn’t Work! Set yourself up to start by thinking a little differently about money.  Here are a couple of my rules which helped me a lot to get positive about money. 

Rule # 1 – Money is NOT the Root of all evil.  It is simply a way we pay for things we need or want.  It isn’t anything at all except a resource to be used.

Rule # 2 – IF you see a penny or a nickel or a dime on the ground pick it up; and respect it.  It is MONEY. Alas, I used to multiply it in my mind like this.  This dime will multiply by 10,000-fold.

Rule # 3 – Tell the truth about money.  If you have $10.00 in a savings account, you make money while you sleep. It makes interest while you do nothing.

Rule # 4 – Never say: I can’t afford it.  This tells your subconscious mind that you aren’t smart enough to figure out ways to improve your financial situation. Also, you bought a lot of things you couldn’t afford, and you know it.

Rule # 5 – Never say: “That’s too expensive.”  When you say that…you are really declaring that you don’t have money to buy it.  If you had enough money to buy it, you would never say it’s too expensive, you would justify it. So, by that logic, it is not the object that is too expensive, it is your judgment call that keeps you from obtaining that.  STOP THAT for sure.

Those are some of the rules I started out with.  My first Sales Training Class was called “The Money Experience Workshop.”  First, I had to teach the Real Estate Agents in my course that money was OKAY!  That’s hard to believe, isn’t it?  I saw no reason to teach agents to make money if they hated it, or had some bad feeling about it.  How can you ever be successful if you don’t like money?  It won’t work to call the thing that you need, or want, bad names.

We need to talk about money in a way that makes the prospect, the client, or the customer glad they asked, “How much is it?”  And we are glad to talk about it. 

~Judy McKee