Jiminy Cricket, THAT’S WHO! Just let your conscience be your guide!


Those who use their INTUITION and LIVE by INTENTION can see they have power!

With the tech world growing and the privacy leaving us, (or maybe it already left) we may have not considered that our MIND is bigger than all the technical “programs” in the world so far. What the bots are trying to do is to duplicate the way we think. The bots are trying to give us “Artificial Intelligence,” and it’s working, so far. Just remember, the machine will NEVER replace feelings. Your feelings are never artificial, and they are uniquely your own.

You know when your gut seems to say NO? Whenever you feel like you are out of sorts…or something just doesn’t feel right. You are right! When will you trust that gut? When will you give in to the small voice in the back of your head that is saying…

“Don’t do this…it’s not the civil thing,” “It’s not the kind thing.” All it is – is a scheme you have worked out. 

I always use justification to check myself. I noticed once that almost everything I did was some scheme to “get something.” I had a plan, a goal, a means to an end; and then one day, it occurred to me that all those thoughts had another one behind them all, a justification. This answer is “why” you did. There is a great song in The Musical CHICAGO called “He had it coming.” It is a great song and very funny.  It’s like that! The justification for murder.

This was enlightening to me. Maybe you don’t have this “justifiable thought.” It reminds me of the Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio who sang, “Let your conscience be your guide.” I bought my last three houses on INTUITION. Of course, I tell others that I thought it through, but I didn’t. I am afraid if the others know how much I rely on my intuition and my gut…they would say I wasn’t thoughtful enough. I wasn’t logical enough, or doing it right. Who says? 

Why this all came up, is because I decided at the beginning of last year that 2017 would be “The Year of Intentional Consciousness.” This means that I would pay attention to how conscious I am. I would pay attention to the thoughts I had, and be vigilant about the negative ones, and give myself a little pat on the back when I noticed I was positive, kind, helpful, and thoughtful. I really loved it when I could be neutral, stop the judgments, the constant evaluations of everything and just listen – BE OPEN.

Here is what I learned:

·      My mind is so fast to the negative and I must be Consciousness of that negative before I can be positive. It’s so fast. It’s shocking. I’m like a machine.

·      I can’t just jump into positive when I am stuck in the negative and it’s justifiable. YIKES!

·      When I am negative, I always have a justification for it and I can usually make a case for it.

·      When I am positive about what’s going on in the world, others are quick to be RIGHT about their way being truth.  Are you on the left? Are you on the right? WHAT? No wonder we can’t get together. We have, justifiably, taken sides.

·      If I watch TV with an expectation of being upset, I am conscious of how right I am, and I start to blame the newscaster, the government, or the others who appear to have caused this mood.

·      I noticed I say, “I can’t,” more often than I ever knew I did. That’s not for me.

·      I teach Positive Coaching and I still have that voice that says something negative, and often limiting. The STARS aren’t limited. Ideas aren’t limited.

I guess, I got what I wanted. I got more Conscious – Intentionally. I love that because like Sister Mary Clarence said in Sister Act II. “If you want to be somebody, and if you want to go somewhere, you’ve got to pay attention.” This year 2018, I am going to do it again. This is the Year of Intentional Consciousness. I loved learning about myself and my thinking last year. Let’s see what this year will bring? Join me and let me know how this works for you. 


1.      Whenever I notice I have an unkind thought…just notice it and make it just a little bit nicer.

2.      Don’t try to FIX the world. It really isn’t broken. It’s learning.

3.      Whatever you want…GIVE IT. Love, Time, Money, Energy? Give it, and see what happens.

4.     Watch TV less and play the piano more.  

5.      Notice negative or limiting thoughts faster. Then say, “I can think bigger and smarter.”

6.     Act yourself into right thinking. This works better and is much quicker than thinking yourself into right acting. This is agonizing and takes so long. Who has the time?

7.      Love yourself more because you cannot give away what you do not have.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year, Happy Kwanzaa. Happy Thoughts, Happy Trails, Happy BIG Dreamers, and Keep it up Innovators and Imagineers!

Judy McKee