YEAR END Goal Setting – LAMA LESSONS in Money, Time, and Energy

All our training classes begin with “INTENTION” and a short definition is “Being Determined in Advance.” A question I get at all training classes is: “Judy, what is the difference between Goals and Intention?”

Thanks for asking because the response is very important, and it can change the way you think about goals. Since, the Universe always says YES…you better get those goals right! There is a Universal Law at work, and it’s just like gravity.  So, at the end of every year, we talk about year-end goals, New Year’s Resolutions, and Next Year’s Goals.  This will be quick to learn.  The most important thing about goals is that they are specific and measurable.  Intention is general and imaginative, creative and the vision from 40,000 feet.

Here is the “kicker.”  All goals need to be based on INTENTION.  There are no hidden meanings, no hidden agendas, and no fooling the FORCE.  Therefore, you need three things:

  1. Purpose for your INTENTION- WHY do you want what you want?  Don’t set a money goal unless you have an Intention in mind.  Example:  I want to make a $50,000 goal. (BOLDLY stated.)  What for?  AH YES…for College tuition.  It is my Intention to put my kids through college.
  2. Goal- Sell $50,000 worth of training programs to pay for college fund.  (Now we’re talking.)
  3. Discipline- Discipline yourself to follow the plan in two ways. Daily and Monthly, I will be determined in advance to create for myself a Production Goal and a Management Goal. I will work as if the Management Goal is the one I must make and that my life depends on it.  This is exciting! Determined in advance.
  4. Production Goal- Defined as what you need to do to meet the phone bills, the payroll and/or the advertising budget. This will be different for each business.
  5. Management Goal- Defined as the bigger goal; the one used to manage yourself.
  6. Plan or Strategy- If I wanted $50,000 in training courses, I would make a plan, a strategy, and a budget to play with that would get me $60,000 worth of training programs. (20% more than Production Goal.) These goals can be predictions based on facts that are already there. Last year, I made $35,000 and did XYZ; now this year I need to keep 90% of my clients from last year and obtain 10 new clients. So, what’s that plan for this?

Thinking BIG is hard for everyone.  We have been so brain washed into thinking sacrifice is good, or maybe someone told you that you’ll never make your goals.  Of course, we’ve heard so many limited thinking stories and rules that now we believe in them.   It is so simple, but it just isn’t easy to give up those old thoughts that now are beliefs. (Beliefs are often just thoughts you repeated for years.) It’s time to give up the limited thinking and just watch what happens…what have you got to lose?   Yes, it is 2018.

Quote: “At the moment of commitment, the world conspires to make it happen.” 

Set your Intention on the most important MAIN thing.  Then set a goal to match the needs of that intention.  Finally, begin a plan for the strategy to create the circumstances that allow it to happen.