Maybe you would like some ideas this year on words and ways to say them, that really acknowledge another person.  When I want to say something wonderful, I usually start blubbering like a baby because, I start to seriously think about what someone means to me instead of taking them for granted.  When I am coaching in a call center and the agent says, “Thank you for calling,” or “Thank you for being our customer,” I always want to thank the Agent for the good job and embellish it.  Most agents find me a little on the corny side, but the wonderful thing is, they GET IT!  If you are teaching Customer Manners, or Company Goals with Customer Affairs or Quality Care, it may be part of your responsibility to listen for how we express our thanks.  I will LAMATIZE a couple of Thanksgiving expressions for you when you are the Coach, the Manager, or the Trainer.  This will start you thinking about how to say “Thanks.”

  1. The Customer asked for something. The agent completed the job. Here is what you can say:
  2. L – This is what you heard…Agent did a nice job and thanked the customer for calling.
  3. A – Corey, you really helped that customer and you did it fast.
  4. M – When we teach etiquette we say the usual things, but you didn’t just say the usual things. You were kinder, you offered even more education if the customer needed it, and you probably made that customer feel good about doing business with us.
  5. A – How did you learn to put that extra caring into your calls?
  6. The Agent handled a call with panache even after the Customer became angry at having to wait so long for a real person…The customer had started with “ALL YOU PEOPLE…”
  7. L Agent was calm and collected even while working under pressure of an angry customer who was name calling and threatening.
  8. A – Jennie, I am just so proud of you. You did a fantastic job with that call from Mrs. Jones.
  9. M – You were helpful without being patronizing, I especially liked it when you said: “I am so sorry this happened to you, Mr. Jones, but you called the right place now and I will help you with this.” Thanks again for making it your business to represent our company with such empathy.
  10. A – Where did you get that way of expressing yourself?

Okay…That’s it for this month.  Please come to our WEBINAR on November 16th…All about Thanksgiving – Making a Difference with Gratefulness and Appreciation.  We Appreciate you. There are gifts and surprises for all who attend.  Happy Thanksgiving.