It is a Skills Training Course on Communication that works!  That’s all!
The L-A-M-A Technique™

When you know the difference between “What Works and What Doesn’t Work!” you can create a Contact Center Learning System that is FANTASTIC! REVOLUTIONARY! AND one that Cannot and Will Not fail.  It is based on the same principle of gravity, and you never doubt that do you?  Judy McKee started in 1979 generating so many appointments, to sell or list real estate, that she was made a manager, then a trainer for a large Real Estate Company.  She said. “What’s so hard about getting appointments?  I get them all the time.”  The Independent Agents would not do what she said. Lesson Number One in the LAMA Training.  PEOPLE WOULD RATHER BE RIGHT, THAN RICH.  When she got the job of training the new hires, they didn’t know any better.  They just wanted to sell real estate, so Judy asked them to put their manuals under the desk because the manual said, “How to hold an open house.”  Judy said, “Who cares if we hold houses open…we just want to sell them.”

This seemed like perfect logic to her and to the new hires. This is when the LAMA Training was born.  It was called the Statement/Question Technique until Discover Card took our training and penned the acronym LAMA. Judy McKee trademarked the name, and the rest is history, as they say.

The LAMA Technique™ is born to WIN!

Why won’t it ever fail? Because it is built on Principles like Integrity, Gravity, and the Law of Attraction.  And, the psychology of Human Beings and their reactions to surviving.  The program is built on the human need that everyone has to be RIGHT Or Certainly NEVER Wrong!!!  We call it IRDS.

  • Intention to produce a result by creating a safe environment and setting a goal
  • Relationship to the Customer by “Never Making the Customer EVER feel wrong or Stupid”
  • Discipline, or we say Self- Discipline is Simple but NOT easy to do. Practice LAMA!
  • Skill: The LAMA Technique™. Use it constantly during the call until the end and then just say “Goodbye.”

Many have tried to teach the LAMA™, even though we hold the patent and the IP.  Inevitably, they fail at it because they think that it is only the technique they are teaching. (They can’t help themselves, it works and they love it.)  The reason the LAMA™ works, is because it is based on the principles above.  When you use the technique to Control the Path of the Call, it’s never used to manipulate or force.

This means that, while speaking to the customer (and this requires practice, roleplaying, and coaching) every question, every statement, every explanation, every acknowledgement, and every rebuttal has to be spoken with the clear intent to give the Customer the Best Experience and engage that customer in the conversation, not just the close. We want people to be able to say the right thing. We want our agents to know what to say, and why not to just use the scripted words. We want our Agents to know how to talk, not just speak the words we give them. If we give them words they don’t like to say, we are asking them to be untrue to themselves. Is that what we want?

The key element of this program that contributes to the dramatic success of the users is The L-A-M-A Technique™.  This is a special skill that, once learned correctly, enables representatives to perform in an extraordinarily successful and professional way.  Trainers acting in a monitoring and coaching role can readily measure the effective usage of the technique, and determine which representatives need continued coaching or counseling to bring them up to peak performance standards.

McKee Consulting, LLC proposes to provide complete documentation designed to be used in the training course by your agents and staff.  This documentation will also be used by the McKee Consulting, LLC trainer in the process of training your staff.

Call me for an outline of the Training and You will see…it’s not like other programs. Why? Because it works!  No tricks, no manipulations, no urgency or cards up our sleeves, just SKILL Learned.   Skill Requires Practice.  Hence, the Coaching is required.  It’s just like Baseball.

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