In every Contact Center in the World, there is a “Coach who has a tremendous responsibility to improve the skills of their coachees.”  Brain Training, Consciousness Movements, and Behavioral Styles all help to support better communication. Until the Coach Can Create a “Safe Environment” and give the Agent a chance to Self-Correct…all you have the same old thing.

There are THREE STEPS to Becoming Certified in a whole new methodology.  And these steps never fail!

Step 1: Discover Where You Are Now.  Check your results over the last year. Ask your Agents how they like the coaching and if they feel they are getting what they need.  Ask your Customer, “Do you enjoy talking to our Agents?”  And ask the Coaches if they passionate and happy to be coaching.  (Okay, I know that’s a lot for one step!)

Step 2: Admit you have a list a mile long of why any new program won’t work.  In fact,  write down all the reasons you can’t afford it, don’t have the time for it and think it’s just a new “thing” that will go away if you just ignore it.  You can never actually “get” your intention when it opposes anything else, so it’s best to get all those doubts and fears out there…look them over and simply decide.  So what if I thought that? Really, the TRUTH will set you FREE!

Step 3: Call the Authors of the Positive Coach Approach and say: “What is so different about your program, and what evidence do you have that it works every time?”   Now that’s a great start and we will take it from there.  See? It’s EASY as 1 -2 -3 – Remember We’ve GOT THIS!  AND We will GIVE IT TO YOU.