Well, isn’t it about time? We are finally taking the The Positive Coach Approach back  into the finance world.  We once trained Discover Card and took their Retention Business up by 50 points in a month using L-A-M-A.  We once helped American Express COLLECT money from their at-risk people without making their customer “feel” wrong or stupid.  (They kept their accounts, too.)  It works and now we are taking The Positive Coach Approach all over the world.  Thank you world for waking up to THE POSITIVE WAY of DOING THINGS and how good it works.

The Positive Coach  Approach is like an inevitable right of the people! Who said that ? Lincoln? Anyway, we know and we know we know…it’s time to make the Customer feel right and smart to do business with you.  STOP Using those BAD, BAD OPENERS.

Yesterday, I received a a cold call from Debra (no last name) from some company (no company name) initials…who asked me:

1. How are you?  ( I don’t know her, I didn’t recognize the company Initials..It wasn’t IBM)   2. They were going to have an executive from their company near my office on Monday..would I be available at 11? (SHE ASSUMED I would REALLY WANT TO MEET WITH A STRANGER AT MY DOOR ON MONDAY AT ELEVEN?)

Cold Callers are STILL USING THIS OLD PLOY???  WHAT???      How is this happening?  How are the companies of the world still teaching this? Where have all the NEW SMARTER THINKERS GONE?   WAKE UP Businesses that call to other businesses!  STOP THIS  find the PAIN mentality!  THIS phony “How are you?”

How about this instead?  Please help the business by asking for permission after offering something for the prospect.   (Respect and Permission Work Better.)

How about this?  “Good Morning, May I please speak to Judy McKee, (YES) Ms. McKee, you don’t know me but my company MONEY, is one that saves small businesses who need to make their collections higher, a great deal of money.  Do you have a minute to talk about this and find out if you have any need for our services?”   Now YOU ARE TALKING.

Assuming I would let a stranger just come over at 11 on Monday, someone I never heard of and I do not  know anything about,  and I do not know what he/she wants/ like I have nothing to do/ like I would be stupid to miss him since he’s in the neighborhood. WHAT??. THINK ABOUT IT!  Its About Time to give up negative and assumptive attitudes because…people are wise to it and THEY don’t like it.