Hi Everybody, I know I have not written for a long, long time. I cannot help it.  I am so opinionated, I am afraid to write.  Lately, I have been watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory.  Sheldon is a genius who does not understand sarcasm, sex, or emotions.  He writes letters to the T.V. Networks and has no understanding of why they don’t pay attention to him because he is so smart and of course literally “right.”  He is so amusing.

You know our training says Never Make the Customer “Feel Wrong or Stupid.” We say this for ONE REASON ONLY…to make sure that when the Customer Calls, the Customer has a “safe” environment in which to communicate.  No other reason at all.  It’s not a trick; we are not trying to “find the pain.”  We would like the Customer to tell us their pain or problem or issue without us having to intrude on their “safety.”

Here is my question today. Why do companies’ think they can “trick” “cajole” or “manipulate” the customer into anything?  If they do succeed in this, ‘shame on them.’  The price will be huge because you may get a one-time sale but not a life time customer.  When the relationship is built on trust, you can bet the customers will come back.  They will never come back if you are the least bit “Un-trust-able.”

See what I mean?  I am opinionated and sometimes I feel like Sheldon because I am right. It doesn’t work to be right if you have to make others wrong in the process so instead of being right, let’s make the customers “feel” right and smart to call us.  Try that for a whole day and you will be LAMATIZING your customers.  They will love you for it.

Here is how to create “Love-Me-Trust-Me” in the first 20 seconds.

Instead of asking for DATA in the first 20 seconds of the call, how about saying something like:  Hello, this is _____ your name with _____ (Company Name) How may I help you today?”

  • Customer says: I would like to have help or find out some information about ______?
  • “You called the right place.  I can definitely help you with that.  May I have your name please?”
  • Okay, Mr. Jones, How can I help you? Or WHAT made you call us today? Or What prompted you to call us today?  Or Exactly, what happened? Tell me everything and leave nothing out. . .(it’s a statement like a question)
  • If it’s RETENTION and the Customer says: “I want to cancel”  here is what to say:
    • I am so Sorry to hear that, Mary. You have been with us for a long time or You have been with us for such a short time. (whatever is true)
    • May I ask what caused you to make that decision?” The greatest question in the world because it acknowledges the decision of the customer while trying to find out the cause of the decision.  This question does not attack the customer but respects the customer.  When the customer answers, the agent knows what to fix.

Sheldon Cooper and I have very little in common except the desire to be “right.” I have to test every theory I have and I can say without a doubt that if you do not make your Customer “feel” RIGHT and SMART to TALK to YOU…you are taking too many risks.  Sheldon has no other friends except the ones who are geniuses like him and put up with him so they will have some friends, too.  Your company could do it RIGHT and STILL be RIGHT.  Make your customer “Safe” to talk to you. Then, watch those numbers go up, up, up.