Leaning OUT!

Who knew that when I had heart palpitations the other day..it was really the idea of “leaning-out?” I told my very literary sister, (university grad and Teacher of Literature for 30 years) that I didn’t want to participate in all these ‘Social Media” things. She immediately identified me as a “lean-out person.” This got me to thinking and I checked it out. I think my sis is right!

Here is a quote from Money Magazine by:Elaine Pofeldt

“Maybe you’re eager for a job that allows you to make a greater contribution to the world. Or if you’ve been working 50 to 60 hours a week for decades, you might just want to slow down to free up more time for your family, hobbies, and other pursuits. Indeed, in a recent survey, only one in four MONEY readers said their top career priority was to land a promotion or raise; nearly half wanted more flexibility or more meaning.”

I think I am “leaning-out.” This doesn’t mean I won’t work till I drop because I actually have a job that is very, very fulfilling but I am in my 70’s and still lead this company. My goal now is to completely pass-on the legacy to the younger Sally Cordova (my daughter and brilliant writer of The Positive Coach Approach) and allow her the job of taking us to a new place. She already has done this for 9 years but now she is going to get the “con.”

Here is what happened. I started sweating and getting slight heart palpitations when discussing Social Media with our newest and youngest, exciting trainer who came aboard the first of July. She set us up on Tumblr, Instagram and other sites to be more “socially network savvy.” She told me about the many opportunities I would have to contribute daily or weekly to these sites with blogs, Motivational Quotes and Pictures for the Social Facebook, LinkedIn and others to view and check out. I began to feel ice cold sweat roll down my knees and, “feel” inadequate and not supportive of our newest and best trainer. “What’s wrong with me?”

Since I am still the head of this company, I am going to turn over the “Social Network” stuff to our wonderful Kacie Parker. I am going to ask Sally Cordova (daughter and partner) to take full responsibility for the The Positive Coach Facebook Link and do what I do best….create curriculum, market the business with “telephone calls” but most of all “Train The Trainers.” I call it T-3. I may finish the books I have started but not completed as well.

What a relief!!! I actually love “Leaning Out!” Thanks Jan for the idea. Thanks Kacie for taking us into this wonderful new adventure in the life of McKee Consulting and Thank you Sally for being young energetic and choosing our new trainer, Kacie Parker. she is going to make a huge contribution to our company. Welcome to the world of “Making a Difference, Kacie.”

In conclusion, last night I was watching ‘Necessary Roughness” and John Stamos (a delightful addition to the show!) said as an exit line : “Isn’t Life a Page Turner?” I can hardly wait to see what’s next while leaning….out. ~Judy