SOCAP ROCKS! And I don’t mean just music.

OOH…and AAH! Is the word of the day, the week the month, the year! (Can I copyright it first?)
How long does it take to get the brain going? All you need is the visualization of a certain genius named, Jer THORP. He opened our eyes to a new way, not kidding, a NEW WAY of visualizing stats and ideas. The visuals were gorgeous, entertaining and some of them even made sense to me. I am so right brained, I never understand stats and stuff but he presented it in 3D. “Help me RHONDA♫…I am a suit.” His hair, t-shirt and jeans should have signaled the age of the “geek. It did! And I am in love with the idea of GEEKS on CALL.

Michael Tchong
, of UBERTRENDS, did it for me. You know what I mean. He told us of the FUTURE… You know that old JOKE, “I have seen the future…..GO BACK!” He made sense of so many things about the “millennials.” HEY! Kids, I might live to 100. My fear is if he is right, I will outlive my IRA. Sorry, Rich, Steve and Sally, you kids will have to make it on your own, there will only be money for me. I am going to save my money. As Mary Kay said years ago…”When you are over 50, HONEY, you need CASH!” I used to say, when I felt tired, “Keep going, I can sleep when I get old.” but I never knew I was talking about waiting for a rest until I am a hundred. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I am feeling very good about BIG DATA….nobody knows what it is either. It has many meanings. I am going to stick to working with PEOPLE. I think this BIG DATA thing is never going away but I also think the Call Centers of the world can use the information to find out what their company needs in training. That is when they will call me and Sally! See? It all works out alright. Like they said in the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: “Everything always works out in the end. If something doesn’t work out, Trust me, It is not yet the end.”

Leslie O’Flahavan
gave us some wonderful tips about presenting using stories. I sent Sally and she loved it. I am an old dog but I can learn new tricks. Oh YES I CAN! Sally will tell me everything and I will “get it.”

SOCAP Symposium means Workshops and they were real. I found out from the Leadership that “Learnings” is a noun. I was able to work hand and pen, with the best people I have ever met. They were involved, engaged and they made me and Sally feel right at home. We had RED badges to identify us as NEWBIES. I liked the warm welcomes so much, I may wear red forever. (shush, don’t’ tell.) I have so much to say about this wonderful organization SOCAP. I will write more tomorrow. Changing the game changes the way we work. By GABE ZICHERMANN changed me forever. No wonder my certificate of accomplishment isn’t enough. More tomorrow and maybe you can give me some ideas on GAMIFYING (that’s a real word, I think) the LAMA and the Positive Coach Approach. Margaritaville was very COOL, we danced the night away. ~Judy