Today is the DAY I am glad I am offered another year of joy, fun,training and coaching. Hey, AND TENNIS! It’s time to set new goals! It’s time to prepare to complete this year and set up competing for next year. I always call it, “COMPLETE AND COMPETE” but I really don’t like the idea of competition. I much prefer to live out of my INTENTION. I hate to worry about my competition. Is that crazy? Everybody worries about it…..I don’t. I work for SATISFACTION. That really works. Quick Fix Friday’s will be all about completing this year…and so you can compete next year.

AIRY FAIRY!!!! Yes, you could say that because I do believe in “Positive Coaching” “The LAMA technique” and “Never making my customer or client ‘feel’ wrong or ‘stupid.’ ” Since I have adapted these policies, I have never failed. This tells me a few things about other people.

1. It seems people would rather be right than anything else. I fall into this trap once in awhile myself. GIVE THIS UP!
2. People worry about tomorrow and fear what the future holds, at least that’s what they say. I think they really worry that the future might just exactly like the past only worse. So, Take a CHANCE, put something at risk….it’s waaaaayy more fun!
3. People get lonely, I sure do but when I think about it, If can just remember to “Think of Others” instead, then I don’t have to treat myself to a “pity-party” as my assistant, Kelly, calls it. “Make Someone Happy” is the true motto we could all adopt. When we do, we find out quickly that we are the most happy ourselves when others are happy. AND BEST part is, we had a little something to do with it. WOW!
4. The Alternative to NOT having a Birthday is TERRIBLE. I started to think bad thoughts about getting old and feeling sad about it, when I mentioned to one person that I wasn’t happy about having a birthday, I saw a look on her face and it made me realize, I was taking “her” fun away. I am OFF IT! instantly.
5. Thanks for all those great birthday greetings. I really love them and plan to celebrate, all day, all week and for the rest of the month!

Happy Birthday JUDY… Click on Jazz TUNE….below. Hear a song I recorded….
AND I Approve this message.