Testimonials for Sally Cordova
The Positive Coach Approach

Hi Bloggers, I have never had such a great day as I had yesterday. A Mother Loves to hear her KID did good. If you have ever felt good about watching your child grow, make a difference or win the prize, or do well in the recital or just ACT RIGHT…you will know what I felt yesterday when Sally got these “Kudos.” The Positive Coach Approach makes a huge difference in peoples lives. Whether you use it for “Training” “Coaching” or “Management” you will read in these two short e-mail communications the wonderful IMPACT the PCA has on people both personally or professionally. WOW! I am so moved by these two brand new acknowledgments that Sally received. I think I am glowing today…”That’s My Girl!” ~judy

Dear Sally,

My biggest accomplishment is learning how to communicate with others. I found it difficult at times to keep the conversation moving but now I find that if I make a conscious effort to LAMA it is easy.

Another great accomplishment is seeing how folks actually like to talk back. The conversation is no longer one sided and I find that not only am I communicating with others but I am building relationships as well. I am no longer the only person sitting at the table with nothing to say or no one to talk to. I fit in and I don’t feel like the outsider anymore.

Maggie (last name not used for privacy)

Hi Sally,
We just had a meeting with Costco today and couldn’t say enough good things about the PCA! The morale is shifting around here, and that is one of the contributing factors. Although I don’t have any direct reports, I have handed out more Thank You’s lately. I used the walk-by approach and left a note on a decorative notepad for one of the nurses that always maintains a positive attitude. I still need to do more LAMA on my 6-year old!! 

Thank you,

Donna Lindsey, RN, BSN, CCM
Business Project Program Manager