Coaching the Close!!!! Here is a small Quick Fix Friday I did. It will open your eyes to why “coaching” is such a big issue today. It think it’s funny that back in the 80’s Dr. Ken Blanchard wrote a wonderful book called The One Minute Manager. In it he discussed what was called, “Leave Alone ZAP” technique of management. Guess what? In many call centers they still use this dated dated technique. I call it “Parental” or “Police-like” Sally and I wrote a book about it, too. The Positive Coach Approach. (you can find it at AMAZON.)

Yesterday I did a short Quick Fix Friday all about how to coach for a successful “closing” technique. I got letters!!!! I love that. Many people wanted a copy and luckily I recorded it. So, here it is if you want to watch it. It’s only 20 minutes and I am going to watch it again myself to see why it was a good session. CLICK HERE! 2012-10-12 07.02 Quick Fix Friday – All About Mast

Remember people only thrive with Self-Correction and also in a “safe” environment. There is nothing safe about a manager, coach or lead or Quality Assurance person who is marking you down and making you feel wrong and stupid. They do NOT mean to do this. It’s just they don’t think there is another way. There is.

Here it is: 2012-10-12 07.02 Quick Fix Friday – All About Mast This is a slide presentation with audio about 21 minutes! Yes, it’s worth it.

Call us if you want Coaching in your Call Center. 760-738-8200. We are booking the first quarter in 2013. I will put up the Judy video about it as well.

I am going to Hotel DEL Coronado for the next two days to attend the SOCAP Convention. That is a fabulous group. Networking and Education at the beautiful San Diego Venue. Maybe they even have some old Admirals there. I like Admirals, they retire in Coronado. Maybe I will set up a tennis match with one of those retired Naval Officers. Have a great weekend everybody. Watch the Video.