Hi FANS and Friends,

I have neglected you all summer. Besides watching “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” (three times) I went to the U.S. Tennis Open, in New York City. It was fantastic! How can Serena Williams NOT be number one? We also started our “app” development. I used to say we were appless…now we are “appsters” I guess. We will have FREE daily tips and videos for about $3.99 so all of you teaming fans of Judy and the Soft Sales Skills or Maureen our new Coach and CS trainer, Sally and her Positive Coach Approach and THREE Party Promise Management Training can be motivated and inspired daily.

Well, Summer is done except for the over the 100 mark heat here in California, and in the East they are wearing black shoes once again. I am wearing a pair of shorts and complaining about how I don’t have unlimited text messaging on my new i-phone, smart phone or whatever you call it.

Back to Business:
As you may know I have been doing these 15-20 minute WEBINARS on Friday Mornings all year but I took the summer off. I call them Quick Fixes or Quick Fix Fridays. They are FREE. They are great for advertizing and you know we give everything we know away for you and you alone. Tune in! But you you have to sign in first. e-mail us for the link and you, too, can attend absolutely FREE. CLICK HERE

Each week I tackle a different issue or upset or sales message. I do everything from Attitude to Handling Objections and from Closing Attempts and to Wrap up on all types of phone calls.
One week each month we do coaching approaches. (Blatant ad for the book The Positive Coach Approach, find it on AMAZON)

On with FALL and big push to elect the perfect person for the job. If you want training, you get it. If you want to argue….call somebody else. I choose PEACE over Politics. I choose success over argument, I choose handling vs. overcoming and I choose NO Fear instead of what some of the media want you to be afraid of. The world is working.

Check out our training. Sally is on the road but I am here. Call me.
~ Judy McKee

Tip for TODAY when the customer is rude or makes you “feel” wrong or stupid, Just think:

• I will not judge this person,
• My judgment will NOT help the situation.