STOP and THINK about what you ARE thinking about!
It’s wonderful when you begin to see you are running your life on old tapes, old acts, old ideas all from your past, sometimes even your ancient past. Notice you are not really THINKING anything NEW. Old messages from parents, bosses and relatives who didn’t know any better, even old friends…. That old stuff that isn’t really what you want.

When you can think about listening to your own self…first notice what you are thinking, then check to see if it really has value to you. Does it give you happiness, peace or joy to think that thought you just had. If you find it serves you no longer, you can STOP thinking it. Not by resisting it, but just let it go by like when you let another person go first, you give away to someone else and just let them go. Let the old worn out thoughts just go by… You can let them slide. You can shut down the negative and be more kind to yourself and those you love.

Especially husbands and wives. We ought to look at each other for the VERY FIRST TIME….again and again. We would see the ONE we love. Don’t add any judgment, history or doubts…just look. What you will see will amaze you!

Remember the Beatles song… “Baby I’m AMAZED!” You don’t wait for the other person to AMAZE YOU. You look and you are AMAZED…you do it with your own thinking.

I saw an old friend today and I looked at him newly….I was so impressed with him and his work. I took all the judgment off and just saw him. Talk about a WOW! moment.

How about you? Write and tell me what happened. Leave nothing out…tell it all. ~Judy