I love surprises but most people don’t.  This however, was a monumental change and a GREAT ONE, I might add.  The American Tele-Services Association has long been one of the BEST Associations in the world. Still, old names seem to hold it back, like: Telemarketing, or Tele-Sales etc. etc. etc.

We have been about Customer Engagement since 1982…no kidding.  And, it took this long for PACE to be formed.  Okay…Rome wasn’t built in a day but the PACE organization seems to be.  IT IS GREAT.  P.A.C.E. stands for  Professional Association for Customer Engagement.  Let me toot their horn!  It is soooooo good to have ATA realize our name didn’t do us justice or invite all the INBOUND CALL CENTERS to come and play with us.

The LAMA Technique is all about Customer Engagement and Customer Dialogue and the Customer Interaction Equation!  Now we have a huge and wonderful association to go along with it.  We have been members for years and years.  Now, Sally and I feel like they are saying it like it is:  ALL About the Customer, INBOUND or OUTBOUND.

Let’s engage the Customer in a Conversation that is all about THEM. That way we will truly meet our Call Center Calling to serve the customer in the best possible way based on “what THEY want.”  HOO RAY for HOLLYWOOD Florida…the place where we all came together.  Thank you P.A.C.E.  for making our dreams come true.

Our Three Party Promise is next.  Sally created a new training…It’s a HIT! Yummy.  Go to our FB page, The Positive Coach Approach and  LIKE US and see all the photos from the Convention that gave us a new PACE…upward and forward!  Later…..Try to keep up….This is a new PACE for all of us.  ~Judy

President Phil Grudzinski at Care Event