What a day! Beware! This is stream of consciousness.

[tube]uaE6uZEKEPk[/tube]I am so interested to see if the public or at least my clients and past clients will jump all over this chance to get training from me for the next year.  I love to sell but I still haven’t mastered this internet marketing with Social Networking etc. but I know that when I train, people love it and they GET IT!

I first learned to sell in Real Estate, then I became the manager and I hated ‘managing’ so when the chance to train others came up, I did it reluctantly at first.  WOW! I really liked telling people what to do. My success was so sharable. It was funny at first because I didn’t know what I did, I just did it.  My personal success is based on integrity and that means everything has all of its parts.  I based everything on what works and what doesn’t work! (I made lists everyday) I was a success in getting listings and selling property so I could back up my ideas with facts.  Watching those trainees take my advice and using it to make their own sales soar did my heart good.  This was exciting and profitable for all of us.

My Motto was and still is:

“Never make the Customer “feel” wrong or stupid.”

I liked it so much, I made a career out of it. Thanks to people like Nadji Terani, (who gave me first chance to talk to people at the National level) the ATA, (American Teleservices Association) and people like Tim Searcy, Past-President of ATA, Darci Maenpa and Toastmasters, Lark Will originally with Earthlink, Aaron Taylor of e-Harmony and MyLife,  and many others who believed in me, I was able to begin a life time of training, coaching and consulting.

Now Sally Cordova, (my daughter) does most of the hard work. She took the business in a whole new direction with The Positive Coach Approach.  She is becoming internationally successful and making new strides in the business that I never even dreamed of…I just remind her, “I taught you everything you know” What else would a mother say? She took what I knew and added her own ideas started to FLY! She travels now and I stay home to hustle the next gig.

Well, now I am not on the road anymore except for short keynote speeches at conventions.  But, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to share my training ideas and the LAMA© Technique with everyone who wants to communicate better in their own business.  The great thing is that our training also works at home.  I always tell my class that this stuff isn’t just for business — it’s for life.  It’s just that companies don’t pay me to teach Life Skills and Personal Relationship Courses.  They just pay for training that makes them money.

So, here goes. Learn the LAMA© Technique and apply it to your sales, customer service SHUSH…..and at home. Attend all three different sessions on the third Friday of the month.  If you can’t make it one day….no worries, you can catch it on-demand.  I will record all the sessions. Go-to-Webinar does it for me.

I hope you watch the short video and come to this course.  The video tells you all you need to know to make this decision.  Of course you can always call me; I will talk your ear off.  I promise you a wonderful year of results and a healthy training experience that will build your business no matter what your business is, oh yeah and have fun with me on this journey for 2012.  I just bought a UKULELE!  I know 3 chords already.  I told you this was stream of consciousness…. See you at the Training on March 16th! ~Judy