Motivational Games – UHG! Eeeuw… Whenever I was in a call center or on a sales team, I just hated the GAMES. I would laugh at them because if they didn’t have an instant reward, I didn’t want to play. They would have games that lasted a year….WHAT? I can’t remember yesterday and I have a target that is due tomorrow. How can I play an annual game?

Then there are games that push you toward results. They are funny, too. I want results but I want them now as well. Later never works for me. Then they even have games that let you win a trip to Hawaii if you are the raffle winner. WHAT? I don’t want the raffle ticket, I want the bungalow on the sandy shore, listening to the waves all night.

Then there are the TEAM games, boy, oh, boy, did I NOT fit in or what? I just didn’t want to play any game that was predicated upon someone else getting their number of sales or customer service stats… I am not a team player that way, do I need a shrink? Is there something wrong with me that I don’t like to play on the team? I want to WIN but Joe over there is not pulling his weight. Do I have to pull his weight as well as mine or I am Not A GOOD PERSON, A TEAM PLAYER?

Over the years, I have learned that Motivation is a Science because different people are motivated by different things. I don’t want a pink Cadillac or a massage, I don’t want a raffle ticket for the I-Pad, I want the I-Pad. I don’t want a trip to Hawaii, I want to take my “honey” first class on a cruise to the Bahamas. I don’t want a dollar for every time I get a YES…I want to be in front of the room addressing the entire company about how I made it this far and what I did with the MONEY I earned. I want to be acknowledged for how smart and right I am. Period!

Some people want to put their kids through college and some just want to get home in time to make cookies and go to the little league game with their kids, some people want time off.
Any thoughts on this?