Tim Searcy, the outgoing past president of ATA speaks to me.

I know it has always been about ENGAGEMENT.  No kidding.  WE have so many rules about AHT.  The agents are ‘freaking out’ about it.  The companies are counting their money and the one who gets lost in this shuffle is the CUSTOMER!  Engagement requires Questions.  NOT ANSWERS!
The world is Crazy for answers.  Some people don’t even know the right questions.
An open ended question like “What would you like to know?” won’t cut it.  We have to say something about making the customer right and then ask a good question.  It’s time we asked the RIGHT questions.  Why is that so hard to understand?

  • What is your agent asking the customer?
  • Ask yourself: Does the customer like the questions you ask?
  • Does the customer know the answer to the question you ask?
  • Are you able to ask a question that will move the call forward?
  • Does the Customer “feel” good about the questions and
  • Does the Customer want to answer it?

These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself.
NOT How can I cut the call time or the AHT?
The real question is: How can I make the customer feel good, smart and right with the question I ask? Now that’s a question worth asking yourself, your training department and your management.

It’s NOT: “How can I cut the AHT? — It’s, “How can I make the customer “feel” good and smart to answer my questions in a way that gives the agents the information “they” need to handle the call better and faster. ”  Now your talking….that’s my rant for today.