Business is Business is a very old expression. When I call a Customer Service Line during business hours, all I want is answers.  I am hoping I don’t have to Tweet the problem or go to FAQ’s to get help.   Business is no longer just Business.  In this day and age we all have to adapt to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as a regular part of our day and life.  Social media has made us aware of who is having lunch and what their eating during that lunch hour.  Sometimes we just want Customer Service to SERVE us… The Customer Service in USA has sadly not been the best even though our technology is THE BEST!

Blown AWAY is what I am (YODA)

Today, I just want to say, that I worked with a person with Go-to-Webinar for ten minutes.   His name was Rubin and he did not conduct Business as Usual…ho-hum.  He was helpful, knowledgeable, and had a friendly way about him that gave me new hope once again for the fact that we can bring a positive influence into the call center and still understand that Business is Business. Rubin was NOT overly friendly or intimate…just kind, sweet in tone and very surprisingly patient with this 30 year veteran of the Telephone industry. .  Thanks Rubin, AND Thanks CITRIX for the fine job.