The customer must be engaged in this Relationship

It Takes Conversational Communication Techniques, and you can find them in the LAMA© Sales Training course. Our experts will customize training for you and your agents and they will “get it” with constant demonstration and role-playing throughout the day!

This training isn’t for the tricky or the hardcore salesman.
It’s for the company and the agent who want to engage their customer, support the customer, and seriously find out the needs both real and emotional. This is authentic.
• McKee Consulting Outbound B2B Course is a customized 7-hour course
• Train your agents in the essentials of building a Business To Business relationship
• In this program the LAMA Technique will take the FEAR out of any customer contact experience
• There will no longer be a mystery about what to say and how to say it
• The training covers elements of Selling and Cross Selling while building long term relationships
• Your agents will learn to build long term relationships using the Art of Asking Questions
• The course is interactive: the Role-Playing is a significant learning tool
• The whole course revolves around Communication Skills for relationship selling
• Delivered at your facility by an experienced trainer
• Our coach will work one on one to ensure that the learned techniques are practiced and used immediately.

Every first call has to lead to a second one.
Discover the needs ask for the quote, the sales, the appointment, or the next step in the relationship. We will customize the script and the training to meet your needs. You will make money and double your leads. Maybe even assume the sale.
It all depends on you, your service or product. Have it your way!

All courses are customized and include training workbooks and one-on-one coaching using
The Positive Coach Approach method.

We will customize this course to the situations you have exactly.
Let us give you a program that will be accepted by your Customers, used by your Agents, and
retain your Customers for Life.